Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Like, is this LIFE?

The truth is, I've never liked football clubs other than MU. And for Real Madrid, I'd be voting for them to win La Liga due to a very possible reason a girl would give; all because of Cristiano Ronaldo. But if u see me hoping a victory of a club for a match which MU doesnt involved in, for instance, I chose Chelsea over Arsenal in yesterday's match between them, its all for MU's sake. Since Arsenal is following right behind MU now, for sure I'd wish them to lose the match. Based on any situation, whoever gives disadvantages to MU is ultimately my, hmmm, should I say enemy? :p

Its only the second week of my final term and yet, I've already missed a class. It wasnt my intention okayhh. Hahaha :D I accidentally woke up late on that day and for this genetic lecturer, better never than late to lectures. She doesnt like late comers. So yeah, sometimes a cross in attendance sheet looks great isnt it? :p

For present, my life is quite enjoyable. Yes, I'm in a comfort zone. Analyzing my days, one thing that is immediately and indubitably apparent - the fairness of The Almighty. He gives ups and downs, smiles and tears. And I'm not excepted from this. Quick and simple analogy, someone can really get on my nerves, and the other person is just as funny as a barrel of monkeys which makes me feel good. I'm seizing every minute I have, coz I believe the same moments would never clone themselves in future. Time flies like green corn through the new maid, so why waste it?

Its common if our plan goes down the Swanee but who would love failures? And who would ever be affirmative if obstacles are the greatest rebellious entertainers in one's journey? Then who would want to be head over heels with somebody if we know the person we're hitting on isnt the right one for us? Or the fact that love never lasts is even worst? But after all, THIS IS LIFE. We love, work, struggle and pray. The rest, let Him do His part. He's the Creator, He knows everything.

Shafuraa Onn. 281210. 2334. Kolej Ungku Omar, UKM Bangi.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Oh man, I love grooming! :D

Close buddies of mine know how much I love grooming. I’m just into stuff that boosts my confidence level. I’m not sure about u guys but damn, seriously, I’m a type of person who can’t resist herself from buying, especially skin care & make up products. I’ve always wanted a porcelain-like skin, but who doesn’t anyway? And if most people like neat, tidy hair, I’m actually a big fan of messed-up, bed hair look, the one like Blake Lively’s is just gosh, awesome! Then also, my third insecurity (sometimes) could be my teeth on lower jaw. Braces? Some imperfections are just adorable arent they? :p

These are my helpers for any activities – loitering in malls, dinners and what not. The ones I’d never go out without putting them on are Maybelline compact powder (after experimenting so much, this suits my skin tone quite well) and concealer of the same brand. My face would look reddish whenever pimples kick out, so a concealer is absolutely a necessity.

Mascara- one beauty getaway I adore the most. I’ve tried Maybelline, Silky girl, MAC, Clinique, Bobbi Brown, and Estee Lauder. Revlon could be next. From all that I’ve listed, Estee Lauder fully satisfies me, followed by Bobbi Brown.

Eyeliners. I’m not into them much, and gosh, liquid ones are totally not accessible for me. But if I were to have one on, I’d prefer brown over black. And the ones I’ve used are always in brown, or in darker shade but not blackish. I look weird in pure black eyeliner. A tip, don’t use black liner on lower eyelids; it makes your eyes look smaller. Use white or silver liner instead, and start lining on the middle until outer eyelid.

Eyeshadow. I don’t really know how to put on the eye shadows (smoky eyes are pain in the ass to be perfectly done), so I use them as eyeliners. Thus, rather than buying an eyeliner, an eye shadow could make you kill two birds with one stone – just line them up on the lids for a quick touch-up, or use them to dazzle your eyes for a prom (I bet we’d become expert after some learnings). Easy isn’t it?

Blusher. Until now, I’d never tell if a shade suits me well or draws me like a Bardot. But to stay safe, light pink could never go wrong I think. Practice makes perfect, so why not stay in front of the mirror and start grooming? ;)

Lipstick. I once read that one of the greatest beauty looks of all time are red lips. But always bear in mind that red lips can’t go with smoky eyes. You have to choose either one to be the centre of attention –the lips or the eyes. And since I’ve not mastered in shadowing the lids, I’d spend more time on the lips.

Skin care products – I now have Neutrogena Fine Fairness Brightening UV Moisture, SK II Miracle Water, Cosmoderm Toner, Bio Oil, Garnier Light Gentle Moisturizer and L’Oreal White Perfect Day & Night Spot Corrector. I don’t use them all every day, coz their effectiveness depends on the skin type. But I love trying, that’s why I have quite plenty of them. But since I don’t possess a celebrity-like skin, I’d never recommend any of the listed to you. I bet you know yourself better. :D

Shafura Onn. 131210. Jam 2110. Bandar Baru UDA, JB.

Thursday, December 9, 2010


I'm not in Dean's List, a far cry from 4 flatters. But still, thank u Dear Almighty. I feel blessed and grateful. Its the best I've achieved in five semesters so far. And yes, it is absolutely a booster to my next term. Thank god, thank u so much. :D

Mama has discharged too. after all the procedures - lumber puncture, brain scan, city scan, MRI, and 7 kinds of different pills, Alhamdulillah, mama is getting better. But still, she needs rest and therefore is on medical leave until new year. I really hope she is fine by the time I head back to KL. I full-heartedly do.

My final semester will kick out its ass on this coming 20th. So yeah, 2-week-holiday is surely insufficient for me. Not enough break, but what to do. I'm a student after all, am I? ;)

Shafura Onn. Bandar Baru UDA. 101210. Jam 1358.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


When I'm mad, I'd either keep quite or worst, cry.

I knew someone 3 yrs back, in matrix, whom I didnt really like. And the hatred grows thicker when he's destined as my course mate in university. Malaysia is small overall isnt it?

Now, I'm in my final year, and once again, I just couldnt run from meeting such a painful truth when he shares the same supervisor as mine. So yeah, we have to work together, and the time spent with each other are getting longer.

Why did I hate him from the first place? Coz he used to say something I was very furious about. And apparently, the unfinished grudges spread through my veins that each time we meet, we quarrel. It is just cant be helped.

Lately, the atmosphere seems to be like a volcano eruption. We had tongue-tied every 2 mins or less as I'm easily enraged by him. Yes, I'm tired, fed-up and it takes too much efforts to control my anger. Unfortunately, they failed.

I cried. Not because I feel bad towards him, but it is more to self-respect and dignity. I've lost self-pride. Coz it is shameful enough as many have witnessed myself scold him in public, it is an uncontrollable madness, u can see fire through my eyes when I'm talking to him. Yes, of course I feel terrible after our altercation, like I said, my own kindle burns me. But I really dont know why this happens and how to stop it. This is an unsolved puzzle that puzzles me a whole heck of a lot.

Shafuraa Onn. 011210. 0238. Kolej Ungku Omar, UKM, Bangi.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Tv, Cinema, Newspapers

Those who've glued me to television, cinemas and newspapers are:


1. Cristiano Ronaldo (footballer) - I got number 7 in my email due to CR’s official jersey number.
2. Kim Hyun Joong – a Korean actor and the leader of SS501.
3. Faizal Tahir – a Malaysian singer. I’ve started liking him since OIAM.
4. Remy Ishak – a Malaysian actor.
5. Jang Geun Suk – he’s awesome in You’re Beautiful (Korean drama).
6. Adam Lambert – American Idol season 8 finalist
7. Riz Amin – played ‘Fahmi’ in SpaQ 2. I once met him in Sogo. Gosh. He’s well grown-up man.
8. Danny V (Project Runway) – the reason why my email is dannyme.
9. Jackson Rathbone – acted as Jasper in Twilight.
10. Casey James – American Idol contestant.
11. David Silva – a Spanish footballer.
12. Wu Zun – an actor in Taiwan but was born in Brunei. A member of a group called Fahrenheit.
13. Henry Golding – a television personality. And a model too.
14. Syed Hussein (Sein) of Ruffedge.
15. Syed Aiman – a Malaysian actor.
16. Enrique Iglesias – a Latin singer. I had eyes on him when I watched “Do You Know” music video.
17. Nicky Hayden – MotoGP racer
18. Arjun Rampal – who says I don’t watch Hindustan? Hahaha ;p
19. Muhammad Shaffik Rahman – footballer of Negeri Sembilan.
20. Rizal – played ‘Yusuf’ in Dunia Baru series.
21. Shahredza Minhat – ‘Fakir’ in the movie Pisau Cukur.
22. Xabi Alonso – used to play for Liverpool, now he is Ronaldo’s team-mate (Real Madrid).
23. Jonathan Rhys Meyes – actor & model for Hugo.
24. The Rock – a WWF wrestler. Hahaha ;) oh. He’s an actor too. ;P
25. Iqram Dinzly – a Malaysian actor.
26. Kimi Raikkonen – F1 driver.
27. Farid Kamil – I used to like him in the movie “Lagenda Budak Setan”.


1. Megan Fox.
2. Fazura – I love her since Gol & Gincu.
3. Heidi Klum – a model who never fails on the runway.
4. Ellen DeGeneres – she always makes me laugh during her talk show.
5. Blake Lively - “Serena” in the Gossip Girl.
6. Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza – I personally think no one has beaten her in female vocals, until now.
7. Intan Ladyana – a Malaysian actress.
8. Sophia Bush – the reason why I watched One Tree Hill.
9. Naima – America’s Next Top Model contestant.
10. Katherine Heigl – she has a natural talent in acting.

Shafura Onn.

21 yrs & 5 months

I’ve been living for 21 years and 5 months now, and all I can say is there’s still a whole heck of a lot to learn. Life is a journey after all, isn’t it?

Meeting different types of people of various places enables me be an observer. Yes, I’m pretty sure that I was born as one. I love to look at humans, their faces, skills, actions, etc. And somehow I do think I can read someone’s mind, but it is from my own interpretation. That’s why I keep my thoughts off people’s knowledge. I just feel and say it to myself. Coz the fear of losing in self-trust is much harder to bear than knowing if my expectation of other mankind is wrong.

I’m just an ordinary slave of The Almighty, and I’m sinful. Keeping a balance of God-human and human-human relationships isn’t an easy task. Some people are very pious towards performing their life based on what their religions has taught them: they pray a lot, they fast willingly, they attend usrah without fail. Another group of people I’ve seen is the ones who don’t really put themselves in efforts of inner self development, in other words, they value human-human relationship more as they enjoy life to the fullest.

If I were to choose which group to fit in, I don’t think I’d belong to either one. I’ve met those who can lead me to the way a Muslim should be heading, but they are bounded by borders. They don’t really impress me on how joys should be filled in every moment of doing kindness. Too much limit makes me feel like they don’t really put this “Islam itu mudah” in their actions. Coz I believe this saying is practical, but not everyone can see it. This is only seen by selected ones, and I hope I can meet at least one of them in future.

About the second group, these people respect others; they don’t easily judge humans, love fills their heart and they are just easy-going and adorable. They are kind too, towards other living creatures. However, most of the people in this group I’ve observed are not-so-close to God. I’m not saying that they’re bad, but they don’t really take Islamic lifestyle into accounts. And I do think this is frightening enough as we’re not only living for now, but Muslims believe in life after, which is known as Kiamat and Akhirat where we’ll be rewarded for our good deeds or punished for our sins.

That is the reason why I say putting a balance is hard, but I believe it isn’t impossible.

Case 1: I asked my friend why she dated a jerk. Why I called him a jerk? He hurt my friend a lot; he said bad things to her, he scolded her for no reason, he clarified himself as single in front of other women though he was not at that time. When I served the question to my friend, she answered “I dated him coz he never fails to pray and he asked me to cover my aurat when we’re webcam-ing.”
--> Can u guys get what I wanna say? This fellow (the man) keeps a good relationship with God, he encourages people to do good, but he FAILS in creating a harmony in human-human relationship.

When I was in matrix, I once promised myself and my friends a thing. Dear buddies, if u think I’ve forgotten about it, u’re wrong. I still have that in mind. Keep my words, ONE DAY I WILL. INSYAALLAH.

p/s: there was a drama aired on TV3 entitled "Sama Tapi Tak Serupa" which portrayed about the same scenario I highlighted above. If you guys are interested to understand what I’m seeing and saying, try google/youtube for the drama. I bet u’ll know better after watching it. :D

shafuraa onn. 201110. 0043. Bandar Baru UDA, JB.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Dear Lord, Thank You. :)


I dont hv everything I want. But what I possess right now is enough. More than one cud ask for in life.

1. Haji Onn & Hajah Narimah.
These are my ultimate strengths. I know they'll do anything to bring smiles on my face. Mama selalu berpuasa setiap kali saya exam, abah pulak selalu tanya kat mama "dah tefon budak-budak hari ni?". And they'll be sacrificing whole-heartedly so that their daughters get what they want, regardless of how bad we are. I love you, mama & abah. Thanks for bringing me to life. I cant thank u guys enuf, but I hope I can take care of you in the next few years. InsyaAllah. :)

2. Haji Ibrahim & Hajah Maimunah.
My grandparents. Rumah mereka = rumah kedua saya. Toknah akan ingat saya adik-beradik setiap kali dia makan kfc ke pizza ke atau benda-benda lain. And dia seboleh-boleh akan simpankan untuk kami sampai kami datang rumah dia. Dia pun selalu masakkan lauk yang best bila kami balik bercuti. "Nak makan apa? Nanti atuk masak." And Toknah selalu tanya siapa bf saya and suruh kenalkan kat dia. Sporting bukan? ;P Tokyem pulak selalu beli jajan supaya bila ktorg dtg rumah dia, ktorg boleh makan tu semua. Icecream, keropok dan macam2 lagi. Saya selalu berharap mereka panjang umur sekurang-kurangnya sampai saya benar-benar dewasa. Saya benar-benar berharap.

3. Lala, Hairie & Eqa
My sisters and my bro-in-law yg saya dah anggap like my own flesh & blood. They are my siblings and my buddies. Walaupun Lala dah kahwin, saya x pernah rasa jauh dgn dia. Sebab kami masih pergi jalan sama2, buka puasa sama2, etc. Eqa toksah cakaplah, kami selalu bergaduh dan bergosip bersama. Ketiadaan adik lelaki tidak memberi kesan kepada saya sbb saya & eqa selalu je fight sepak terajang semua. ;P

4. My super-duper terrific buddies.
Susah nak describe koloni rakan2 saya. Ada yg kenal dr tadika, ada yg dari sekolah rendah & menengah, ada yg dari matriks and of course la bertambah bila dah masuk U. My bestie is very far far away, di Penn State sana, tp kami selalu contact, so x terasa pn dia jauh. Rakan2 rapat yang lain ada di UKM & JB. Kami sangat rapat sbb dari all-girls school, so bonding tu mmg erat sgt. Kalau dengan coursemates pula, kami rapat sebab everyday jumpa, like somehow, we share personal stories and problems. Therefore I hope, one day, my future other half can get along with all of them. Coz I dont think I cud make up my mind if I were to choose my besties or my bf (future) if they are not in good terms.

InsyaAllah, I'll be back home this coming wed, 101110. Cant wait to be with my loved ones! :D

Shafura Onn. 071110. 0101. Kolej Ungku Omar, UKM, Bangi.

Friday, October 29, 2010

I dont love you.

While writing this, I'm reminiscing something I used to have drugs on - MCR's I dont love you. Everyone knew this song when I was in matrix. It accompanied me when I ironed my clothes, it was the main song people sang in the toilets and those who didnt have it in their cell phones were geeks.

After few years of abandoning the group as well as their masterpieces, a line of this song's lyric popped out of nowhere. Nevertheless, it suits well with my current feelings towards my crush. " I dont love you like I did yesterday " makes sense after 36 months. I dont find him adoringly any longer. And my reverence of him seems to be fading away, I guess.

No, nothing serious has happened. We still communicate like we used to, but, the feeling is just disappearing. People say "if u love a person, u tend to be acceptive of his/her strengths and weaknesses as love is all about completing each other". But I just cant develop this for him, at least not for now. Therefore, I believe he's not for me. Coz I know, if love is on my way, I'll have someone I'll be head over heels with he himself for real.

So yeah, thats how it goes. For now. ;P

I'm fucking addicted to Grenade by Bruno Mars. Omg! Its effing good! Why not u guys hear it? I bet u'll be on my side. ;) oh One more thing, KHJ-Hwangbo in "We got married" is freaking awesome! and yes, he's still one of my antibiotics. :D

Guten nacht people. :)

Shafura Onn. 0134. 301010. Kolej Ungku Omar, UKM, Bangi.

Sunday, October 24, 2010


OMG !!!

Actually its not that very high-pitch of ur voice. Slow it down. Haaaa. Thats better. :P

Ok now I cant stop screaming! OMG! He's a smoker! Waaaaaaaaa :'(

Yes, he's a smoker by now. Cant believe this is true. Hope his confession was a dream. Ahh.

I got ur dont-get-it face. Yes, I know. Whats wrong if he smokes? It doesnt make him bad and notorious? A far cry. But still, I prefer the old him. He wasnt a fan of cigarettes when I knew him few years back. Thats why I'm shocked and yes, a bit disappointed when the truth was revealed. I wish I didnt ask him at all. What to do, curiosity kills. Ok, at least not u, but me? Definitely a nodding head.

Notes calling. Tc people.

Shafura Onn. 0000. 251010. Kolej Ungku Omar, UKM Bangi.

Friday, October 22, 2010

its the time of the month

Dear Almighty,

I know I'm far from You. I'm aware that I'm only looking for You when I'm in trouble or when I need of something. I'm Your slave but I dont look like one, am I?

Only You know how I feel. All that I'm encountering right now is Your gift. And I'm very much grateful for that. Coz I believe, its a test for me, so that I wont stray far from u.

Therefore, I'm seeking for Your bless and sympathy to detach this feeling away. I'm intensely confused. And I couldnt hold it any longer. I thought I'm strong, but I'm not.

Ya Allah, Kau yang memberi dan Kau juga yang mengambilnya sekiranya itu mahuMu. Ambillah kembali perasaan sedih ini. Amin.

Shafura Onn. 231010. 0135. Kolej Ungku Omar, UKM Bangi.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Ohoyyy Redang!

Hola people!

Seems like I’ve forgotten this freedom-of-speech medium for quite some time. Oh yes, I’m super duper busy like always. Assignments are piling a hell up like they never exist before and final exams are only about a fortnight away. Like adding salt to the wound, I have no study week at all for this term! Isn’t it crazy? Gosh.

Despite the recent upside-down days I’ve got to go thru, I was still able to have some days with my pen off my hands. Last weekend, actually from Thursday-Sunday (300910-031010), I went to Terengganu’s Redang Island for a quick yet sweet holiday for I guess, this year. Along with the family of pestakonvo 37, I had successfully skipped from the hustle and bustle of the city (and my uni as well) to enjoy snorkeling and be friends with the corals. Oh naaa. I got injured as my feet hit onto the corals coz the depth of the sea water decreased as u moved nearer to the edge of the sea. So the corals get higher and since my legs are quite long, I couldn’t see far behind. And yes, I hit one of them, got some bleeding and bruises. Luckily it wasn’t serious and I can see it recovering, after taking some medicines of course.

The island was soooo beautiful. Omg. The sea water was awesome, the chalet was convenience, the cuisines were mouth-watering, the people were friendly enough. Oh man, what else can I ask for? :D

Since pictures tell a thousand words, I let them do the talking. :)

--> seawater

--> pestakonvo 37 crew

--> fab 4. ;P

thats all for now. Toodles!

Shafura Onn. 1929. 081010. Kolej Ungku Omar, UKM Bangi.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Grateful. :)

Hello dear peeps!

310810 – Malaysia’s 53rd Independence Day. And one of my besties’s bornday too, Azah. I went home for about 5 days, thus I was able to enjoy the break-fasting with my loved ones; Abah, Mama, Lala, Hairie and Eqa. It was fun! A real blast I’d say. Loitering in bazaar, sahur in kfc, raya shopping with toknah, tokyem’s new electrical gate and porch were those I had my laughs on. And yes, I’m totally grateful for what I have, rather than to be miserable for things that absent.

After about 21 years of existence, I personally believe that there’re two things I’d be most thankful for. First, my family; they are my strength, they’re the reasons I’m living for, after The Almighty. And all that I’ve achieved so far belongs to them especially the backbones of myself; Abah and Mama. Supports and encouragements are their gifts since I was born. Along with tokyem and toknah, my great grandparents, there’d be no excuses for me not being able to have smiles carved along my journey. Lala and eqa, the most awesome elder and younger sisters one could ask for. And now, I have a brother too, Hairie, Lala’s hubby. He’s like my own flesh and blood.

Come second in my thoughts is the health. Without good health, there’s no use of having a Mercedes in front of the house or a company that runs a million dollar business. What for if the savings can only be looked at but not to spend unless on drugs in medicines? If people laugh when they see you taking half bowl of rice, along with vegetables and a small portion of meat, its no time to be bothered coz its not about dieting now, its about prioritizing your body condition. Also, being skinny isn’t the pink anymore if you’re diagnosed as an anorexic.

Its 0121 now, and after hours of trying to get connected to the Internet, the access is still denied. I don’t know how and why this happens, but apparently, I have to get moving to the next agenda; sleeping. Haha ;P

Take care people. Have a nice day. :)

Shafura onn. 010910. 0125. Kolej ungku omar, UKM Bangi.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

1 Malaysia

Salam Ramadhan everyone. :)

Today marked the 8th day of fasting and Muslims will all be celebrating Eid in 3 weeks' time. Since our nation is having kinda year-end sale now (so this is the time to get ur Hari Raya clothes, bags, shoes and what not), KL seems to be tremendously hectic not only on weekends coz thats for sure, but also on weekdays. And why the hell are those perfectly uniformed ladies loitering around with handful of plastic bags on Monday in Midvalley when its not even lunch time?;P

I had my break-fasting yesterday in the hostel's cafe with zeti, tira and tira (yes, two persons with the same exact name), some of college seniors and tey. Tey is one of my lecture-mates in Parasitology class and also an Omarian. And he's a Chinese too. Isnt it sweet to have someone in different race as well as belief to join ur break-fasting moment? And he didnt touch the food or pick up his drink until the call of Maghrib. Amazing right? Maybe this is what ''1 Malaysia'' is all about as we will be enjoying our 53rd Independence on this coming 31st August. Yes, its all about respecting people's way of life.

Gosh. tomorrow's thursday. I have classes from 1-7pm. and the worst part is, there'll be an experiment involving the blood of rats of which have to be obtained when the rats are still alive. I'm not sure if I'm gonna survive but one thing I'm certain of; I'll be screaming out loud with the forceps in hands! Waaaaaaaa

I'm addicted to 'Love The Way You Lie' by Rihanna ft. Eminem. Korang try lah dengar. :D

Shafura Onn. 2245. 180810. Kolej Ungku Omar, UKM Bangi.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

its the third day of August when I realized I havent blogged for quite a few days already. Time flies in the blink of eyes and tonnes of works are waiting to be done. Proposal for final year project needs to be submitted next week and my supervisor wanted to check the introduction part this Friday. Yes, now is already Tuesday and I havent finished writing that yet. I predicted that thesis-making is complicated but I have no clues that it'd be like damn hard! Every single statement or fact needs a proof. For example, termites are believed to be the earliest-evolving social insects, with their complex societies (Korb et. al 2007). You have to mention the sources of the information where it is taken from.

All Muslims in the world are welcoming Ramadhan in a week's time but I've started fasting since last week. Yeah, last year's debt. hukkk ;P

I had a glass of iced coffee in about 30 mins ago, but apparently the caffeine in it wasnt sufficient enuf to get my eyes widely open. They are not even half alert. I'm not sure about this but it seems like every single meal I had contained drugs. I feel sleepy and fatigue even though I do nothing really tiring at the moment.

I'm addicted to Lady Gaga's Monster for the time being. So why not u guys have ur ears on it? ;D

Shafura Onn. 0004. 040810. Kolej Ungku Omar, UKM Bangi.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

bila bosan bebel sorang-sorang

I’m listening to Michael Buble’s Havent Met U Yet while writing this out. Gosh. Life’s so boring when u cant get urself connected to society. In my case, 1 hour seems to have more than 100 mins when the internet connection fails to meet its way to my room. And somehow, I could feel myself kinda lost recently. The unsure feelings of unknown reasons have made my day far more complicated I guess. Then, suddenly, out of nowhere, this came to my mind ‘’ Heyyyyy! Wake up dude! U’re 21 and u’ve sort of given up on ur life?? Come on! Life’s easy as ABC! Hell yeah! ’’

Tomorrow, the 23rd of July, I’m going to pahang for the ___th time. Seems like I failed to recall. The crew will be departed late in the evening and from my calculation, we’ll be arriving at midnight. Ahhhh. I’m gonna be exhausted the very nexy day. Can a degree be done in a simplier method? How I wish that to be a reality.

I saw my crush just now. So what did I do then? No no…u guys are guessing wrongly, I didn’t fall in front of him nor say this ‘’ I lost my number, can I have yours?’’. I just stalked him from far. Eh, wait. Was it stalking if u just had a look at a person the same way u did to others? Coz I wasn’t hiding behind walls or wearing all-black! Pppffftttt.

Now the winamp is playing Eenie Meenie by Justin Bieber ft. Sean Kingston. Haaaaa…Who the hell said I love JB?? NOOOO WAYYYYY! Hahahaha..but it is undeniable that his songs are capable of getting us (YOU & ME, don’t bluff urself. haha) carried away. ‘’ Baby, baby, baby ohh..baby, baby, baby nooo..I thought u’d always be mine..’’ ;))

I dreamt of my crush last nite. No no, not the one I mentioned above. This was my crush two years back, and he’s one of my buddy. Yeah…its ‘friend with feelings’ kinda thing. But I left my words of saying ‘’ I like u’’ unspoken. I wasn’t brave enuf, I didn’t want to put our friendship on risk. And I learned a lesson. U never know if u don’t give it a shot. Life’s short, its better to be hurt than feel nothing at all.

Enuf of crapping. Get back to ur business, shafura. Yes, u need sufficient sleep. ;P

Shafura onn. 0051. 230710. Kolej ungku omar, UKM bangi.

Friday, July 16, 2010


hye everyone! hope u guys are doing great, just like myself having extremely enjoyable moments for two days recently. And what were the things I up to then?

1. First and foremost, I'd like to announce that my 1st ever watching live performance was on 140710! hahaha this enables me to remember that the joy happened when I was 21, the age everybody seems to wait for, the green light of freedom I personally think. And the almost 2.5 hour-kind-of-concert was SHOWDOWN 2010, the reality tv show aired on 8tv every Wed at 9.30pm. Its concept was all about the art of dancing and most of the contestants are capable of performing break dances and what not. They had different challenges based on a particular theme every week, out of which they gradually transformed from bboys to dancers. And yes, they had to struggle a lot as their creativity and originality were put on tests.

Initially, there were 12 crews which were eliminated every single week until they became the final 3. And they were GILLER BATTLE CREW (GBC), wakaka and floor fever. My obvious support is to of course, the one and only, GBC! They lost to wakaka crew in the final battle, but still, I'm so very proud of them. They are the truth, authentic, outstanding and fierce. I just cant stop loving them! :D

These were the proofs I was there in KL LIVE, watching the show live.

GBC were the ones in red

with my fav on the show, bboy juicy.

the wall of Showdown 2010. Eliminated groups crossed their names off the wall.

free pass. thanks kak jannah!

2. Secondly, on the very next day, I had a makeover and photo shoots done by Clinique as they conducted a promotion in UKM. Just by 30 bucks, I got free lip gloss, a serum, and rm50 voucher of Salon Esprit in Pavilion KL. The picture taken is for own keep anyhow. Coz it was a way too different from my usual self. hahaha *malu*

GBC will be performing at Ampang Point tomorrow and I'm not sure of attending coz it has been a busy week for me. Yes, I'm exhausted but GBC needs their supporters after they got defeated. Should I or shouldnt I go?

shafura onn. 160710. 1942. kolej ungku omar, UKM.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Suddenly the idea of writing this popped out of my head couple of minutes ago due to some critical thinking.

I personally feel that every first of everything is difficult as the list goes as follows:

1. the FIRST few months of infancy is so very crucial as it determines the development of a baby. No, I'm not saying this because I'm a mother; it is way in the future. Ouh, I've been accidentally bumped into so many kids lately!

2. FIRST love is always hard to forget. It has never been easy for anyone; I mean a real true love, not a puppy one.

3. FIRST move can never be done without having butterflies in the stomach, regardless of both genders. Mars' creatures love women who take this as a challenge coz it is the only way of knowing how hard it is for men, but somehow, I can’t convince myself to try it, maybe not for now.

4. FIRST day of every experience tests your physical, intellectual and emotional capabilities. The unknown possibilities when u first entered a kindergarten, the will of fasting when u first met ur Ramadhan, the anxiousness of getting through an interview or a licence, or even a small conversation with ur future mother-in-law. All these need courage, confidence and a perfect mindset, no matter if u're 5 or 26. Age doesnt matter, but maturity does.

5. FIRST heartbreak has usually been a nightmare for everyone who's suffering from it. It might be an excellent start if ur partner is an abusive drug-addict or someone who checks the calories in every meal u eat. But it can also be an inhibitor to a happy life if the breaking does not end in a good way as news have few times covered suicidal out of depressions.

My eyes are half-opened and the bed's calling. Guten nacht people. See you guys real soon, if we ever meet again.

shafura onn. 140710. 0135. kolej ungku omar, UKM bangi.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

how are you, dear peeps?

Ola beautiful people! Its been a month since I last wrote something here and now I'm back! ohh I miss doing stuff I love and finally nothing's gonna stop me from portraying all that I've gone through into this tiny space of mine. :)

I'm entering my 5th semester in UKM, which means my final year is on! I'm a senior okeyhhh. woot woot. Looking at the i-know-nothing-here-and-i'm-lost kinda face of the freshies, it reminds me of how innocent my looks were when I first stepped my feet at the hostel and faculty. hahaha Time flies so very fast and oh god, I'm 21 now?? I still pull my sister's hair when we got a cat fight! wink wink ;)

Despite Portugal's defeat and Ronaldo's defect during this year's World Cup, plus the confession he has made to media that he's now a father to a son, I still adore him. I bluff if I say I didnt disappointed with his sort of awful performance at the moment, but I know he knows that fact too. So yeah, I'm quite convinced by his all-time aura, that he'll wake up real soon. Hopefully issues will turn out awesome by the time Spanish League kicks its ass after the curtain falls down for 2010's World Cup.

Its already almost 2 hours passed 12am and my class starts later at 8. Gosh. Its 8am on monday?? Couldnt the system understand humans? No no no, I couldnt feel my head nodding.

p/s: to all my Chinese readers, if u guys wanna leave ur comments, could you please write them in Malay or English? I cant understand Mandarin or any other languages other than those two I first mentioned. I'm so sorry, its my bad. Thank you.

shafura onn. 120710. kolej ungku omar, ukm bangi.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

gosh! I'm nervous!

Oh man, I'm freaking nervous right now! In few mins, I'll be meeting some Americans and the worst part is they gonna be joining my team to Pahang! Gosh. This is frightening enuf as our most worries would be how to understand their accent as long as are we able to step up to their expectations. Like adding salt to the wound, they're doing research on stick insects while ours are basically on termites. Can u guys imagine how ''mouthful'' the conversations gonna be like?

Anyhow, since worldcup 2010's gonna kick its ass tonite, I cant resist myself from voting for Portugal. And France too. My fav player is of course Cristiano Ronaldo, but this time around there's addition of Yoann Gourcuff (France). With Brazil in the same group, Portugal really needs miracles to shine. So all the best Portuguese!

Now I'm on the way to KLIA, fetching for the Americans. Butterflies are running like hell in my tummy. Gosh. There's only one way to escape from this feeling: praying.

Shafura Onn. 110610. 1120. In the car.

Monday, May 31, 2010

I wish I could update more but I'm super duper terribly busy! seems like 24 hrs a day isnt enuf for me to update things around and hopefully by the end of June, my hectic life would meet its end. for the time being, I'm away from getting myself on the go as I'm enjoying my days off the pitch for about one week. in the middle of this month, I'll be traumatizing myself again, as my sampling will be done in Endau-Rompin Dipterocarp Forest. Wish me luck guys!

oh god, I cant wait for this coming Thursday! Legenda Budak Setan will be released and I'm gonna catch it out with my buddies! weehoo! and Killers sounds good too. with Ashton Kutcher in it, I cant hold myself from getting queued for the tickets. :)

while thursday might be a real blast for me, Friday seems to be oppositely frightening. Rumours say my result for the semester will be out! gosh, dont know what to expect from it, but at least, I'm praying not to get a heart attack when looking at the grades. huh

gtg people. tc!

shafura onn. 1.32 am, 1/6/10. bandar baru UDA, johor bahru.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

just blah.

While writing this out, my heart seems to be in mess. I have uncertainties, I’m very much confused.

You, who texted me about an hour ago, could you please leave the situation as it is now?

I know and am very well aware that you’ve done good things to me, you did sacrifice for me, and no doubt you once taught me what happiness was all about. But I’ve moved on since you last appeared months ago. And I know that’s the best for me since “being us” is a big NO-NO. Thus, I’m begging you to really take your steps away from me. Stop appearing in front of me or stay invisible if you can coz I don’t want to hear from you and I really don’t want to see you any longer. Please, get it.

I'm not hating you but you're making things harder for me, haven’t u realised that?

shafura onn. 2.17 am, 9/5/10. bandar baru UDA, johor bahru.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

top 5!

I’m updating my favourites from time to time. Here are those for now:

1. Cristiano Ronaldo.
Oh god, I can’t get this hell out of my head since I first noticed him 4 years back. And even though he has left MU for Real Madrid, I still like him. At first, I thought I’d hate him if he’s no longer a Red Devil, unfortunately, I was wrong. This may sound crazy but he’s my first celebrity crush, I mean the official one. Looking at how well he is now at Santiago Bernabeu, I bet he’s happy with life he’s having for the moment. Its about a month to go for World Cup 2010 and I’m very anxious to see him back on Portugal International Team. Hopefully, he’ll do wonders.

2. Remy Ishak
I never meet him yet but I personally think he’s hot. Haha ;P I started to like him since he played Adam in Nur Kasih series.

3. Casey James
It has been my habit to adore at least one in a competition or battle. If not, I might not watch the screening. This time around, I love CJ from the American Idol season 9. Physically, he’s got what it takes to be the next nerve-breaking persona- voice, looks, aura, style and what not. Thus, I wish I’ll see him on finals this year.

4. B-Boy Juicy
Ok. I cant say much about this guy. I just watched Showdown 2010- it’s a reality tv show on break-dancing, roughly its all about basics, skills, choreography and team work on that particular art. And this dude is from Giller Battle Crew of the show. I’m not sure if I’m more attracted to bad-looking, no, I’d say naughty-faced guys compared to more or less like David-Archuleta-kind-of-boy, but it seems I’ve fallen for some whom I found out via shows on tv. In reality, I guess, hmmm, not yet determined.

5. A****
This is more to reality as above is the name of my crush right now. Haha ;P as far as I’m concerned, he’s studying in the same uni as mine (but he’s not my college-mate), tall, dark, bald, but I’d say he has everything a man should be possessing. Anyhow, like I used to be doing, I kind of admiring him from far since we both aren’t friends. So yeah, just let the time do the verdict.

shafura onn. 3.40 pm, 5/5/10. bandar baru UDA, johor bahru.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

2nd yr, stop!

yesterday marked a stop to my 2nd-yr journey in UKM. and of course, I was overwhelmed to the fact that I'll be entering my final yr next sem! omg, time flies damn so fast. I was packing my things when I saw a temporary student card which was used during my orientation week last 24 months. the nerdy innocent face of mine was clearly portrayed on that. oh, I cant hold my laughs anymore! haha

nevertheless, despite being extremely ecstatic and anxious of becoming a final-year student, deep inside, I personally think that my period of enjoying my days has also officially ended by now. I didnt play much during my first two semesters here as I was still adapting to new environment, new friends and what not. as for next 270 days starting early July this yr, there's no time for lepak-ing in the malls or going nuts while watching EPL anymore coz doing thesis can really pull ur hair upwards and I bet I'll be on the go all the time. It may sound like a white lie coz of course, I personally am unable to resist doing those two, but like I've been told earlier by some lecturers and seniors, thesis-making is so very complicated. thus, I guess my time for other less necessary things will be limited.

I've done 70% of clearing my stuff out of the closet and I'll be in my hometown, InsyaAllah by tomorrow. it has been a while since I last met my sisters and I really miss them. and I miss everything in jb- home, ma, abah, tokyem, toknah, food and even my topsy-turvy room! the messiness in there makes my heart grows even fonder. haha :D

oh god! I just found out about a second ago that my crush has chopped down his hair! he is now bald! I repeat, BALD! waaaa, I cant imagine! and I dont want to! haha

shafura onn. 2.59 pm, 28/4/10. kolej ungku omar,ukm,bangi

Saturday, April 24, 2010


now its down to two more exams! wootwoot! i'm very much anxious for some breaks and eventually my holidays will kick its butt starting from 27th evening onwards. 1-week-exam-gap makes me lazy, as it triggers my mood of watching dramas all over again, plus, searching for gossips and what not. time flies like flash and suddenly, I'm on weekends! I was supposed to yell "weeehoooo" but unfortunately, weekends dont give any meaning if u just stay in ur room, looking at the disastrous notes, as the next exam will be on Monday. Can Monday be more likeable?

anyhow, it seems like I cant enjoy much of my 3-month-off-books period as I'll have to go to Pahang, again. but this time around, its not for fieldwork, but its for my thesis. yes, u guys arent reading any wrong. As I'll be entering my final yr next term, I'd have to start collecting data for the thesis. therefore, I'll be in Pahang for a fortnight, if things go well. if not, I'll ought to stay there longer. but nevermind, the place promises me a beach, so I guess starfishes will be my friends soon. :)

I have to stop now. the books are calling like hell. toodles people!

btw, MU won their third last match over Tottenham, 3-1! weehooo! chels, u better be careful. :P

shafura onn. 9.37 pm, 24/4/10. kolej ungku omar,ukm,bangi

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


these are what I've been feeling for recent days:

1. insecure
2. sad
3. hatred
4. uneasy
5. what? pehal lu nak sibuk?

bak kata nidji, roda memang sudah berputar. I'm now believing in that. I really do.

shafura onn. 10.37 pm, 21/4/10. kolej burhanuddin helmi,ukm,bangi.

Sunday, April 18, 2010


it has been days since I last shitted on the previous post. life's good, and it couldnt be any greater. since my next two papers will be on another week, I guess its time for me to unwind a bit. alahaiii, cakap macam study banyak jek. did u forget that u slept for 12 hours last night? ;P

these are things I've been thinking/doing for the past 8 days:

1. I've been watching U'RE BEAUTIFUL like timesss. and I even memorized the scripts. not all, but only those I love hearing. :)

2. I've fallen in love, no, I guess its still early, thus I decided to put them only on my crush list. they're Jang Geuk Suk, Nicholas Hoult and Yoann Gourcuff. the 1st heart-melter is a Korean actor (oh I love looking at his angry face!), the 2nd hunk is an actor from 'The Clash of the Titans' and the last one is a footballer for France National Team. I guess I'd be voting for Portugal (Ronaldo in there) and France too for World Cup 2010, due to this new discovery of Mars creature.

3. I've downloaded songs as well as lyrics sang by JGS. as its written in Korean language, my tongue seems to meet my teeth everytime I try to sing along winamp. :-D

4. I've decided I'll do what I ought to do. when the right time comes, I'll definitely give it a shot. I must.

5. I dreamt of my used-to-be crush. he was beaten by culprits from my U. it didnt make any sense, did it? and to those who can actually rise meanings out of this dream plz shout out your comments ya. ;P

shafura onn. 2.46 am, 19/4/10. ukm,bangi.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

4th sem's exams

a guaranteed disaster will be hitting my days starting from tomorrow onwards until 27th of april '10. now i'm almost at the end of the term so there's nothing scarier than exams. i'll be on my final year next july and I MUST obtain good results this time.

i personally feel i'm quite motivated during this study week as library has been my port approximately for 5 days out of 7, compared to last three semesters which I didnt even step in the fifth-floored-building, not for once.

unfortunately, I think this is the first time (as far as I remember) I really feel insecure. I didnt get what I've learned, I failed to understand and I had this short-term memory loss. I forget my notes the next minute after reading them, and this is the saddest part of all. dulu pun bukannya pandai dapat 4flat segala, but at least boleh tulis something kat answer sheets tuh. but this time around, I feel different, totally different.

I told my friend about my case and she said this " hmmm. ada problem lain ke, dengan orang/kawan?". i said " problem tu sentiasa je ada, ada je benda yang boleh buat hilang mood semua, but I guess its still under-control."

anyhow, i'll try my best to get rid of any disturbance, any negative feelings and also any distractions near me. Dear Almighty, I've always believed U are the only ONE that gives me ups and downs, happiness and cry, ways and obstacles. and U are also the only ONE who can feel and understand me, as what I feel is UR gift. therefore, as UR slave, I'm praying for UR lights to brighten up shadowed path in front of me. Ya Allah, permudahkanlah segala urusanku dan keluargaku. Ameen. :)

shafura onn. 10.04 pm, 11/4/10. ukm,bangi.

Friday, April 9, 2010

happy yet hesitate?

Responding to my post on Monday, March 29 of this year entitled I'm crushing again!, here's the result:

yes, I MET him. 2 times. and I was over the moon, I was very much ecstatic! Dear Almighty, thank you for giving me this oppurtunities. and only YOU know how exactly I feel as I could sense happiness rushing thru my veins at that time, which eventually gave rise of smiles on my face. :-D

I promised myself I'd add him up in FB if I bump into him. and I met him, but I'm now hesitating as if I dont even know what I want before. thats pretty upsetting, but I do hope I can convince my own self.

Ya tuhan, yakinkanlah aku dengan instinct yang KAU berikan. Sesungguhnya KAU tidak pernah salah dalam menetapkan sesuatu takdir untuk hambaMU.

shafura onn. 12.54 am, 10/4/10. ukm,bangi.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Aku tersedar dari tidur yang memberikan mimpi yang susah difahami beberapa minit yang lepas dan lappy kini menunjukkan jam 3.45 pagi. “ Nak buat apa eh pagi-pagi nih?”, mindaku berdialog. “ Mungkin aku patut baca semula nota yang aku buat tadi, exam pun dah dekat”, hatiku menjawab. Yelah, x kenal x cinta kan. So why not familiarise kan diri dengan histo dan fisio supaya aku jatuh suka pada mereka. Nota diambil, baru lima baris ayat dibaca ketika mindaku berkata lagi, “ Esok je lah sambung baca. Aku x dapat nak concentrate”.

Study week bermula sejak Isnin lepas dan exam pertamaku, biometri dijadualkan 8 hari selepas itu. Oh biometri, susahnya nak faham kau. Teringat betapa blurrnya aku ketika terpandang formula CRD tadi. Hmmm, tak mengapalah. Esok cuba lagi. Kalau x boleh nak faham pun, harap-harap boleh hafal step-step pengiraannya.

Banyak sangat gangguan bila semester menunjukkan garisan penamatnya. Dan aku, seperti biasalah, senang sangat being carried away dengan perkara-perkara remeh yang patut dideletekan dari hipotalamus. (ye ke hipotalamus? Tak apalah kalau salah pun). Sesaat kemudian: Bukan hipotalamus lah, its amygdala [pronounced uh-MIG duh-luh] of the brain which was thought to store painful and emotion-related memories, and also initiates memory storage in other brain regions. So, nampaknya amygdala ku berfungsi dengan sangat cekap, ye lah, aku masih ingat segala insiden yang melibatkan emosi. :-D

Anyhow, aku sangatlah berharap yang tumpuanku kini dominan pada studyku sahaja. Aku x boleh nak main-main lagi kalau nak pakai red Peugeot 308 as my first car and the first pay should be able to buy Jimmy Choo’s shoes, Balenciaga handbag, shades of Dior, SK-II products, and not forgetting, buat hair treatment at A’Cut Above. Wahhh, what an exaggerating dream! ;-P

shafura onn. 5.10 am, 7/4/10. ukm,bangi.

Friday, April 2, 2010

tradisi kah? ;P

kawan: " puraa. asal kaw x penah couple lg eh? kaw lesbian eh?? "

saya: " hahahahaha kalau x couple tu maknenye lesbian la eh?? ;P "

to those who served me this question before, here's my answer.

I always have crush on people, I repeat ALWAYS. but love still hasnt met its way to me. I believed, it hasnt destined to me, yet. And maybe, its due to my own mindset, of which resulting from my background.

To have a family with 90% close relatives all around me, my grandparents of both sides live a stone's throw from my house as well as my uncles & aunts stay nearby, it has been a TRADITION (I guess) in my family to be attached to someone of the same origin or at least, state. and my mom did say something like this to me, " mama xnak org jauh." and when I said " kalau da jodoh mcm mane?", she said " kalau da jodoh terima je lah. tapi mama kalau boleh x nak." "klau boleh" of my mom means "have to". Nevertheless, just to prove that she’s flexible and not being pushy, my mom did extend her choice of state of son-in-law-to-be, its from JB to PAHANG. Maybe not pahang, its until KL. haha ;P

so everytime I'm in an almost relationship-to-be, its either that guy doesnt fit to be my other half or he might not be someone my mom's gonna like/ approve. I dont
wanna take any risks, so MAYBE its good to terminate a relationship before it went too far, before any hopes hanging on me. Kalau kertas yang dah bergam lama, pasti susah nak tanggal kan? thats the analogy.

Plus, I’ve never imagined myself staying far from my other flesh and blood. I’m not a mom’s pet or whatever u might term it, but I just want and ought to give her the feeling of secure ness. And after all, I personally think that my mom wants the best for her daughters. Syurga pun terletak bawah kaki ibu, so x salah lah kalau kita hanya nak buat dye bahagia, kan? ;D

I’m dedicating this post to whoever ever has a glance of thought of asking me this kind of question. So, there u go people. I officially lock my answer now. ;D

shafura onn

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

my other half

it has been quite a while since we last met each other. and I miss u guys. I really really do.

1. Hj Onn Abdul Rahim & Hjh Narimah Ibrahim, Shafiera Onn & Hairie Zairel Oh, Shafiqaa Onn

2. Hj Ibrahim Mohamed & Hjh Maimunah Yusoff

3. Nuraini Mohd Jaffar

4. Nurul Hafeefe Kamaruddin, Irena Naubi, Fatimah Ismail, Nor Aida Ahmed.

5. Life Science 22 as well as all my fellow comrades in JMC 08/09.

now i'm counting days to go home to meet these people, my other half. till then, may my prayers be with u. ♥

with ♥,
shafura onn.

Monday, March 29, 2010

I'm crushing again! ♥

setelah hampir 2 tahun di ukm, akhirnya, saya rasa saya suke seseorg. haha *blushing*. I'm having a real crush on him, I really do. memanglah before ni pun pernah, tp tu suke tgk je. xdela sampai nak kenal. but this time around, its different coz saya rase bende yang same mse time matriks dulu. ♥

I dont even know him, kami x pernah bercakap apatah lagi nak bergurau-senda. saya tidak tahu ape-ape pasal dye, ok, saya tahu name dye je. yang saya tahu, saya suka tgk muke dye. *blushing lagi* haha

sebagai seorang stalker yang hebat, saya telah pun menjumpai facebook dye, tapi saya x add pn dye as friend coz ktorg mmg bukan kawan. tapi kalau x add macam mana nak kenal kan? tu ape yang kawan saya cakap lah. hmmm

nak add ke x eh? hmmm, lets make it this way. kalau dalam mase 10 hari ni ( bermula esok ) saya ade terserempak dengan dye, saya akan add dye kat fb. saya juge akan memulakan pencarian details pasal dye melalui survey. sekiranya testimoni yang public berikan ok, InsyaAllah, saya akan beranikan diri untuk berkenalan dgn dye. Jika tidak, hmmm, lupekan je lah kan. I'll try not to be a problem seeker. haha *wink*

crushing again,
shafura onn

Saturday, March 20, 2010

now, who's next?

When it comes to a battle, I always fail to accept being defeated, at least from the eyes of public. And the loudness of my man-like voice has been a tool for my ‘enemies’ to measure how furious I am during tongue-tied, even though at some points, the high pitch of me doesn’t indicate anything, including my emotions.

The only that can portray the exact feelings I’m having is my face. And anger is the most hardest for me to hide. I’m quite a hot-tempered person, so everytime someone blows my top, I can feel blood rushing through my veins in higher speed than usual, causing instant redness of my face. So if u succeeded in making me to stop talking the minute after u said something, u definitely have increased my BP as my anger reflects in two ways, its either I turn quiet or worst, I cry.

My zodiac sign shows a twin, in simpler words, double personality. My moods change in seconds – u can see me laughing my ass out and u can also see me crying my eyes out 5 seconds later. Its easy to make me lose control, so, anyone up next?

What people don’t know about me is, no matter how hard it seems to see me raising a white flag, deep inside, like any other mankind, I do surrender. Maybe my fierce face doesn’t agree, but I’m still a Venus’s creature who is affected by an oestrogen, asking me to slow and cool down a little bit, and say “ u’re right and I’m done and off.” Its true but its rarely happening in public, as its what my heart says, not mouth. everyone hates to be a loser, but that doesnt mean they never be. right? :D

love battling,
shafura onn.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

what? quote of the day?

I've never thought I'd be motivated enough to scroll down the websites, searching for perfect quotes for the day. nor I'd be in the library to borrow books written by Dr. Fazilah Kamsah so that they'd sing me to sleep. but somehow, to be frank, I did collect some self-boosters whenever I crossed them during reading or stalking people's pages/blogs. and I didnt exactly know when the list started to grow longer and even longer day after day.

I've believed that if beauty is not immediately apparent, look closer for if God made it, there is beauty in it somewhere, in simpler forms, there're always blessings in disguise or there'll be no sunshine without rains. and the analogy would be, if there's no obstacle in life, would we appreciate life then? its a big NO-NO since we humans always take things for granted.

from the former US First Lady, Eleanor Roosevelt, no one can make u feel inferior without ur permission , I learned that pride stands out when I personally love myself, no matter how much people love or hate me. coz if I dont love myself, how am I going to love others?

A person is born with desires of the eyes and ears, and a liking for beautiful sights and sounds. If he gives way to them, they will lead him to immorality and lack of restriction, and any ritual principles and propriety will be abandoned by Xun Zi reminds me of the importance of taking care of my own desires so that i wont go far, stepping over the border. therefore, I'd hv to know my limits out of every single thing world offers me.

hmmm. its already 50 mins passed 2 in the morning, and my eyes are now half-opened. so, thats it. till we meet again. :)

now a little more motivated,
shafura onn

Thursday, March 11, 2010


it sucks when u couldnt open up ur fb, in the sense that ur profile is failed to load and appear. u cant update ur status, u cant reply messages, and most importanly, u cant be an efficient stalker. benci. benci. :(

tired of trying,
shafura onn


now, its time for a confession of a hmmm, not a broken heart, but more or less from a furious horrific humanbeing. i know I'm imperfect, but who isnt?

to this person, I hate u. I really do. as much as I hate to hate u, the hatred grows thicker deep inside me. and dont expect me to change my feelings and perceptions towards u, coz its never gonna happen. u wish.

dont ever expect people to understand u, coz u urself never try to read people's minds, not to mention that u always hurt them. even ur bf bad-mouthed u, so, why'd u think u deserve my undivided attention?

plz realize that u're not that hot to condemn others. u not even reached the par. I cant see ur sex appeal as woman. so my royal advice to u, jgn perasan ok. jgn nak starkup. look back to urself, so that u're not blinded by ur own stupid self-indulgence.

yang perfect hanya ALLAH sahaja.

shafura onn.

Friday, March 5, 2010


it has been a while since he's gone for good, and maybe thts the best for him. it was quite a shock for me, but somehow I once predicted this would happen. so yeah, it happened and its pretty hard to say that I already lost a person who had marked his journey on my pathway of life.

anyhow, life has to go on, and thankful to God, it has turned out more awesome! ;D

my days so far went well, and since now is the 2nd last month of the term, my schedule is packed with thousands of stuff- 2 more midsem papers, college carnival, and an annual college dinner. too much to handle, but with the helps of others, insyaAllah, they'll all turn out great.

there'll be no electrical supply in ukm tmrw, so salma and I will be heading to KL for some entertainment. we couldnt enjoy karaoke-ing with no lyrics on the tv, could we? ;P

hmmm, thats all for now. toodles people!

now playing---> speechless, lady gaga

happier mankind,
shafura onn.

Monday, February 22, 2010

self indulgence

Usah tertipu dengan tajuk Bahasa Inggeris di atas kerana buat julung-julung kalinya, saya akan memblog dalam Bahasa Melayu indah.

Saya telah membuat keputusan untuk mewar-warkan kelemahan saya selama saya hidup hampir 21 tahun. Antaranya ialah:

a) Saya masih tidak reti menyelesaikan masalah pembezaan matematik dan juga kamirannya.

b) Saya tidak boleh memakan buah jambu batu, bukan kerana alahan, tetapi memang tidak tergigit oleh gigi mahupun tertelan dek tekak.

c) Saya tidak menyukai sos/ sambal dan sifat-sifatnya.

d) Saya sukar mengingati sistem peredaran darah walaupun sudah hampir 10 kali mempelajarinya, sejak zaman sekolah menengah, matrikulasi dan universiti.

e) Saya tidak memakan ulam-ulaman dan banyak lagi sayuran yang lain.

f) Kepelbagaian biologi adalah antara topik bio yang paling susah buat saya untuk menghafalnya.

g) Saya amat tidak menyukai subjek fizik dan geografi, dan hal ini menyebabkan saya sukar mempelajari kedua-duanya.

h) Saya boleh memaafkan kesalahan orang lain tetapi amat sukar melupakan perbuatan mereka.

i) Saya boros.

j) Saya rasa kurang selesa bertudung putih.

k) Saya kurang arif mengenai matematik tambahan.

l) Saya tidak boleh membaca akhbar/majalah ketika berada di dalam kenderaan yang sedang bergerak. Jika saya melakukan sedemikian, saya akan berasa pening dan mungkin juga muntah.

m) Saya suka pada kopi dan terbitannya.

n) Saya tidak tahan makanan yang pedas.

o) Selalunya, saya hanya membaca ruangan gossip dan sukan pada akhbar.

p) Saya mudah mendapat flu dan ulser pada mulut. Kekurangan air dalam badan barangkali.

q) Saya mudah berasa sejuk dan saya tidak berapa suka pada kawasan yang berhawa dingin.

r) Saya takut pada lipas.

s) Saya berasa gerun untuk memandu semula selepas hampir 4 tahun tidak memegang stereng.

t) Saya tidak menyukai soya dan keju yang bukan berada di dalam makanan.

u) Saya suka memerhatikan orang lain. Jadi, AWAS kalian. haha ;P

Kelemahan-kelemahan inilah yang membezakan kita antara manusia. Oleh itu, saya tetap bersyukur dengan apa yang dianugerahkan olehNya.

yang benar,
shafura onn.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

fieldwork. again??

---> crime: fieldwork in mersing, johor

for sure u guys know what i'll be shitting about in this post. tomorrow, no, another about 7 hrs, i'll be going to hutan..., u guys arent reading any wrong, yes, its hutan i'm going to for my hmmm, not sure, 3rd or 4th fieldwork. bosan weyh! seriously! its not just because its a FIELDWORK, meaning that we'll all be tanning our fair skin under the trees in the forest (sometimes we do feel like filming the episodes of LOST), but also due to the fact that its still a holiday for the rest of students in all over Malaysia (exception for those who give votes on hiking or camping or whatever). yeah, i know some people do hope they can go somewhere out of campus during learning years, but come on, its a holiday. and since this term is a short one, we all NEED our days off. its a NECESSITY, ok? it'd be extremely awesome if i can enjoy my days in front of the home tv, on a couch, with chips and chocs all around my fingers.

anyhow, despite being trashed from my old fieldwork group (lecturer punye keje), i do personally hope for success in every task i'll be asking for. and also, since we'll all be camping, meaning that we'll all be occupied in small tents, i pray for my safetiness in the sense that no legs on my face or body during sleeping time. ;P

---> crime: fieldwork in tasik chini, pahang

shafura onn.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

into celebs

Due to too many celebrities exposures which resulted from nowadays techno world, I end up crushing on some on-the-main-stream entertainment people. I find them perfect ( only from naked eyes ) coz they must hv some flaws, dont they?

1. the ultimate crush- it has been 4 yrs of liking him, and the counting hasnt reached the end yet.


2. recent indulgement- current addiction which has succeeded in making me stay in front of the lappy for almost straight 11hrs.


3. i'm not being bias ( only to like mars creatures above ) or lesbian ( to love those at the remaining page of my post ). its just that i find them exquisite and gorgeous as they prove women are from venus. :P

i dont quite remember how i discovered her from the industry, but i was so blown away with her quintessential beauty the next minute of looking at her images.


i started admiring her via the series of onetreehill, in which she played brooke davis. she was and is getting even hotter, even after she got divorced from chad michael murray for only 5 months of marriage.


this fellow. i know she's quite something, frankly speaking, naughty. but at least, she's being herself. i dont care how many times people see her for court cases or how many scandals she possessed. wouldnt it be good to hv choices? haha ;P


no, its not what u're thinking. i'm not going to be an actress or a footballer or even a singer. to love doesnt mean to do. coz we cant do what we love all the time.

one left, i do gv my vote for HEIDI KLUM. ok. mls da nk letak gmbr and craps. tak tak. i dont wanna be a model. x deserve. haha ;P

celebs fan,
shafura onn.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

i cant think what the title shud be

i once asked my buddy," how did u manage to make ur own wake-up call without being pushed by others? u urself did it. i mean how could u be so sure about terminating ur relationship with ur bf (now ex-bf) though u know it aint gonna be easy as abc as it has been a year plus companion? ". she answered, " i remembered every single hurt he made to me. there's never been give and take, and i was the one who gave in all the time. i got tired and there's a limit to everything. it was when i couldnt take it any longer. thats it. thats really it. i called our relationship a day ever since then."

conveying the same message as the above situation, BOF ( i'm not promoting it just because i've been hypnotized by KHJ ), gives me a similar lesson which goes this way - one thing i ought to do by now, is to exactly know what i really want/say out of something or to fight for my needs for instance, a relationship ( whether to choose friends or partner ). or how to ignore destructive unnecessary comments from people i hate. it'd be good too if i can straight away smash those culprits with harsh words.

for the time being, i'm on efforts to avoid from indulging myself towards no-nonsense stuff. instead of being a risk-taker, i prefer not to give a shot on uncertain things. i know there's always a sunshine in every fall, but its a real pleasure to be able to be in my own comfort zone cause i'll never know when it'll be ended. instead of being a problem-seeker just to satisfy own's curiosity and some people say, necessity, it'd be awesome if i left the future to Him. of course He knows the best in every creature He created. thats what i'm gonna do now - FTF.

FTF stands for followtheflow.

future better person,
shafura onn.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

oh my bf! ;P

ok. it has been ages since I last updated this blog, ok, I lie. not ages, months shud be more likeable. frankly speaking, i hv soooo much to pen on, bt time limits me. bundles of works need to be done on time, even if its not, they do hv dateline of which the most significant thing that indicates what a work is. if not, will it be termed 'work'?

out of numerous topics to give a shot on, this time around, the award goes to the most recent addiction i had for already couples of weeks. that is KIM HYUN JOONG aka JI-HOO in BOYS OVER FLOWERS episodes. I was totally blown away with his look and character in the storyline. he made me thinking of 'indahnya ciptaan Tuhan' once again after i had it when looking at cristiano ronaldo (when i was in f5) and ashraf the starbucks guy (last year).haha I really feel like booking a flight ticket to KOREA just to see him! crazy enuf! as if if i go there i'd be able to meet him je kan. *sigh*

---> un-official boyfriend, KHJ.

I full-heartedly think that the craziness i encountered when i first had a celebrity crush on ronaldo has repeated, but now towards KHJ. I've downloaded his songs (w/pun x phm) and pics, and I watched his videos like times. and I even changed my msg tone to the song sang by his boyband. sangatla sengal. tp sp sroh dye cute and gentleman sgt, though dlm BOF je. haha ;P

gtg now. better things waiting in line. adios people. :D


shafura onn.