Thursday, June 10, 2010

gosh! I'm nervous!

Oh man, I'm freaking nervous right now! In few mins, I'll be meeting some Americans and the worst part is they gonna be joining my team to Pahang! Gosh. This is frightening enuf as our most worries would be how to understand their accent as long as are we able to step up to their expectations. Like adding salt to the wound, they're doing research on stick insects while ours are basically on termites. Can u guys imagine how ''mouthful'' the conversations gonna be like?

Anyhow, since worldcup 2010's gonna kick its ass tonite, I cant resist myself from voting for Portugal. And France too. My fav player is of course Cristiano Ronaldo, but this time around there's addition of Yoann Gourcuff (France). With Brazil in the same group, Portugal really needs miracles to shine. So all the best Portuguese!

Now I'm on the way to KLIA, fetching for the Americans. Butterflies are running like hell in my tummy. Gosh. There's only one way to escape from this feeling: praying.

Shafura Onn. 110610. 1120. In the car.


  1. americans ok la...kalo brit, nak paham mmg mampos..

  2. haha tau xpe! At least americans cakap loud and clear. Tho the accent is different, kite still boleh predict what they're trying to say. Klau scottish ala2 ferguson yg jenis ckp x bukak mulut, mmg mampos la kan nak bebual. Hahaha

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