Thursday, December 9, 2010


I'm not in Dean's List, a far cry from 4 flatters. But still, thank u Dear Almighty. I feel blessed and grateful. Its the best I've achieved in five semesters so far. And yes, it is absolutely a booster to my next term. Thank god, thank u so much. :D

Mama has discharged too. after all the procedures - lumber puncture, brain scan, city scan, MRI, and 7 kinds of different pills, Alhamdulillah, mama is getting better. But still, she needs rest and therefore is on medical leave until new year. I really hope she is fine by the time I head back to KL. I full-heartedly do.

My final semester will kick out its ass on this coming 20th. So yeah, 2-week-holiday is surely insufficient for me. Not enough break, but what to do. I'm a student after all, am I? ;)

Shafura Onn. Bandar Baru UDA. 101210. Jam 1358.


  1. mesti gempak cm zeti nih...congrats pura!!!

  2. ezny: thanks dude! :D

    bella: tak ahh, zeti tinggi lagi. thanks anyway! :)