Friday, April 9, 2010

happy yet hesitate?

Responding to my post on Monday, March 29 of this year entitled I'm crushing again!, here's the result:

yes, I MET him. 2 times. and I was over the moon, I was very much ecstatic! Dear Almighty, thank you for giving me this oppurtunities. and only YOU know how exactly I feel as I could sense happiness rushing thru my veins at that time, which eventually gave rise of smiles on my face. :-D

I promised myself I'd add him up in FB if I bump into him. and I met him, but I'm now hesitating as if I dont even know what I want before. thats pretty upsetting, but I do hope I can convince my own self.

Ya tuhan, yakinkanlah aku dengan instinct yang KAU berikan. Sesungguhnya KAU tidak pernah salah dalam menetapkan sesuatu takdir untuk hambaMU.

shafura onn. 12.54 am, 10/4/10. ukm,bangi.


  1. Wow Puraa. You really like him don't you? Go laa add him on FB!!!

  2. yes, I do! haha
    thanx for the supprt keh?
    i'll tell everyone if I did add him on FB.