Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Like, is this LIFE?

The truth is, I've never liked football clubs other than MU. And for Real Madrid, I'd be voting for them to win La Liga due to a very possible reason a girl would give; all because of Cristiano Ronaldo. But if u see me hoping a victory of a club for a match which MU doesnt involved in, for instance, I chose Chelsea over Arsenal in yesterday's match between them, its all for MU's sake. Since Arsenal is following right behind MU now, for sure I'd wish them to lose the match. Based on any situation, whoever gives disadvantages to MU is ultimately my, hmmm, should I say enemy? :p

Its only the second week of my final term and yet, I've already missed a class. It wasnt my intention okayhh. Hahaha :D I accidentally woke up late on that day and for this genetic lecturer, better never than late to lectures. She doesnt like late comers. So yeah, sometimes a cross in attendance sheet looks great isnt it? :p

For present, my life is quite enjoyable. Yes, I'm in a comfort zone. Analyzing my days, one thing that is immediately and indubitably apparent - the fairness of The Almighty. He gives ups and downs, smiles and tears. And I'm not excepted from this. Quick and simple analogy, someone can really get on my nerves, and the other person is just as funny as a barrel of monkeys which makes me feel good. I'm seizing every minute I have, coz I believe the same moments would never clone themselves in future. Time flies like green corn through the new maid, so why waste it?

Its common if our plan goes down the Swanee but who would love failures? And who would ever be affirmative if obstacles are the greatest rebellious entertainers in one's journey? Then who would want to be head over heels with somebody if we know the person we're hitting on isnt the right one for us? Or the fact that love never lasts is even worst? But after all, THIS IS LIFE. We love, work, struggle and pray. The rest, let Him do His part. He's the Creator, He knows everything.

Shafuraa Onn. 281210. 2334. Kolej Ungku Omar, UKM Bangi.


  1. ayo...malaysia vs indonesia la...haha...

  2. s inspiring s usual
    i luv d last pragraph

  3. syamil: we won! woot woot! ;))

    pojan: thanks a lot pojan! :D