Sunday, October 24, 2010


OMG !!!

Actually its not that very high-pitch of ur voice. Slow it down. Haaaa. Thats better. :P

Ok now I cant stop screaming! OMG! He's a smoker! Waaaaaaaaa :'(

Yes, he's a smoker by now. Cant believe this is true. Hope his confession was a dream. Ahh.

I got ur dont-get-it face. Yes, I know. Whats wrong if he smokes? It doesnt make him bad and notorious? A far cry. But still, I prefer the old him. He wasnt a fan of cigarettes when I knew him few years back. Thats why I'm shocked and yes, a bit disappointed when the truth was revealed. I wish I didnt ask him at all. What to do, curiosity kills. Ok, at least not u, but me? Definitely a nodding head.

Notes calling. Tc people.

Shafura Onn. 0000. 251010. Kolej Ungku Omar, UKM Bangi.


  1. so he's a smoker just now? he must've think smoking cool. haha...cliche..

  2. waaaa its pathetic if he's thinking that way! dye dah x suci lagi. T.T

  3. and i tot u gonna pop his cherry. bwahahaha~~