Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Suddenly the idea of writing this popped out of my head couple of minutes ago due to some critical thinking.

I personally feel that every first of everything is difficult as the list goes as follows:

1. the FIRST few months of infancy is so very crucial as it determines the development of a baby. No, I'm not saying this because I'm a mother; it is way in the future. Ouh, I've been accidentally bumped into so many kids lately!

2. FIRST love is always hard to forget. It has never been easy for anyone; I mean a real true love, not a puppy one.

3. FIRST move can never be done without having butterflies in the stomach, regardless of both genders. Mars' creatures love women who take this as a challenge coz it is the only way of knowing how hard it is for men, but somehow, I can’t convince myself to try it, maybe not for now.

4. FIRST day of every experience tests your physical, intellectual and emotional capabilities. The unknown possibilities when u first entered a kindergarten, the will of fasting when u first met ur Ramadhan, the anxiousness of getting through an interview or a licence, or even a small conversation with ur future mother-in-law. All these need courage, confidence and a perfect mindset, no matter if u're 5 or 26. Age doesnt matter, but maturity does.

5. FIRST heartbreak has usually been a nightmare for everyone who's suffering from it. It might be an excellent start if ur partner is an abusive drug-addict or someone who checks the calories in every meal u eat. But it can also be an inhibitor to a happy life if the breaking does not end in a good way as news have few times covered suicidal out of depressions.

My eyes are half-opened and the bed's calling. Guten nacht people. See you guys real soon, if we ever meet again.

shafura onn. 140710. 0135. kolej ungku omar, UKM bangi.

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