Tuesday, March 30, 2010

my other half

it has been quite a while since we last met each other. and I miss u guys. I really really do.

1. Hj Onn Abdul Rahim & Hjh Narimah Ibrahim, Shafiera Onn & Hairie Zairel Oh, Shafiqaa Onn

2. Hj Ibrahim Mohamed & Hjh Maimunah Yusoff

3. Nuraini Mohd Jaffar

4. Nurul Hafeefe Kamaruddin, Irena Naubi, Fatimah Ismail, Nor Aida Ahmed.

5. Life Science 22 as well as all my fellow comrades in JMC 08/09.

now i'm counting days to go home to meet these people, my other half. till then, may my prayers be with u. ♥

with ♥,
shafura onn.


  1. my fellow comrades in JMC 08/09...

    nsb baik ade gak rndu utk kte, even sipi2. kl x, xmo kwn! hihi

  2. Life Science 22..awh~~~kitorang sayang kat ko gak Pura~

  3. dat: of course i miss u! igt x dlu sme2 lepak kat katil aimie? hehe ;)

    syamil: i know. luv u guys too. ;D

  4. mesti r ingt! mmg xle lupa. hihi. purr, nnt tgk r fb aimie. dy dh pki cm bj nurse. cumel! pgg baby lg 2...haha

  5. dat: oh really?? jap jap nak bygkan. hehe ok2, t kte tgk gmbr tu. ;D