Saturday, November 20, 2010

Tv, Cinema, Newspapers

Those who've glued me to television, cinemas and newspapers are:


1. Cristiano Ronaldo (footballer) - I got number 7 in my email due to CR’s official jersey number.
2. Kim Hyun Joong – a Korean actor and the leader of SS501.
3. Faizal Tahir – a Malaysian singer. I’ve started liking him since OIAM.
4. Remy Ishak – a Malaysian actor.
5. Jang Geun Suk – he’s awesome in You’re Beautiful (Korean drama).
6. Adam Lambert – American Idol season 8 finalist
7. Riz Amin – played ‘Fahmi’ in SpaQ 2. I once met him in Sogo. Gosh. He’s well grown-up man.
8. Danny V (Project Runway) – the reason why my email is dannyme.
9. Jackson Rathbone – acted as Jasper in Twilight.
10. Casey James – American Idol contestant.
11. David Silva – a Spanish footballer.
12. Wu Zun – an actor in Taiwan but was born in Brunei. A member of a group called Fahrenheit.
13. Henry Golding – a television personality. And a model too.
14. Syed Hussein (Sein) of Ruffedge.
15. Syed Aiman – a Malaysian actor.
16. Enrique Iglesias – a Latin singer. I had eyes on him when I watched “Do You Know” music video.
17. Nicky Hayden – MotoGP racer
18. Arjun Rampal – who says I don’t watch Hindustan? Hahaha ;p
19. Muhammad Shaffik Rahman – footballer of Negeri Sembilan.
20. Rizal – played ‘Yusuf’ in Dunia Baru series.
21. Shahredza Minhat – ‘Fakir’ in the movie Pisau Cukur.
22. Xabi Alonso – used to play for Liverpool, now he is Ronaldo’s team-mate (Real Madrid).
23. Jonathan Rhys Meyes – actor & model for Hugo.
24. The Rock – a WWF wrestler. Hahaha ;) oh. He’s an actor too. ;P
25. Iqram Dinzly – a Malaysian actor.
26. Kimi Raikkonen – F1 driver.
27. Farid Kamil – I used to like him in the movie “Lagenda Budak Setan”.


1. Megan Fox.
2. Fazura – I love her since Gol & Gincu.
3. Heidi Klum – a model who never fails on the runway.
4. Ellen DeGeneres – she always makes me laugh during her talk show.
5. Blake Lively - “Serena” in the Gossip Girl.
6. Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza – I personally think no one has beaten her in female vocals, until now.
7. Intan Ladyana – a Malaysian actress.
8. Sophia Bush – the reason why I watched One Tree Hill.
9. Naima – America’s Next Top Model contestant.
10. Katherine Heigl – she has a natural talent in acting.

Shafura Onn.

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