Friday, April 2, 2010

tradisi kah? ;P

kawan: " puraa. asal kaw x penah couple lg eh? kaw lesbian eh?? "

saya: " hahahahaha kalau x couple tu maknenye lesbian la eh?? ;P "

to those who served me this question before, here's my answer.

I always have crush on people, I repeat ALWAYS. but love still hasnt met its way to me. I believed, it hasnt destined to me, yet. And maybe, its due to my own mindset, of which resulting from my background.

To have a family with 90% close relatives all around me, my grandparents of both sides live a stone's throw from my house as well as my uncles & aunts stay nearby, it has been a TRADITION (I guess) in my family to be attached to someone of the same origin or at least, state. and my mom did say something like this to me, " mama xnak org jauh." and when I said " kalau da jodoh mcm mane?", she said " kalau da jodoh terima je lah. tapi mama kalau boleh x nak." "klau boleh" of my mom means "have to". Nevertheless, just to prove that she’s flexible and not being pushy, my mom did extend her choice of state of son-in-law-to-be, its from JB to PAHANG. Maybe not pahang, its until KL. haha ;P

so everytime I'm in an almost relationship-to-be, its either that guy doesnt fit to be my other half or he might not be someone my mom's gonna like/ approve. I dont
wanna take any risks, so MAYBE its good to terminate a relationship before it went too far, before any hopes hanging on me. Kalau kertas yang dah bergam lama, pasti susah nak tanggal kan? thats the analogy.

Plus, I’ve never imagined myself staying far from my other flesh and blood. I’m not a mom’s pet or whatever u might term it, but I just want and ought to give her the feeling of secure ness. And after all, I personally think that my mom wants the best for her daughters. Syurga pun terletak bawah kaki ibu, so x salah lah kalau kita hanya nak buat dye bahagia, kan? ;D

I’m dedicating this post to whoever ever has a glance of thought of asking me this kind of question. So, there u go people. I officially lock my answer now. ;D

shafura onn


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  2. weh tak boleh la cenggitu...
    kalau limit sampai pahang tu ok lg..awat stop kat kl??
    payah la aku cam ni kan hahahahaha

  3. "Kalau kertas yang dah bergam lama, pasti susah nak tanggal kan?"

    ayat ni gua suke miahahahaha =D

  4. dont worry amer, t ak adjust dgn mak ak eh.
    hahaha ;P

    lu suke eh ayat tuh?
    wa bg pinjam buat status FB.
    hahaha ;P