Sunday, November 1, 2009

when pictures speak

Internet is kinda sucks lately that makes me cnt help from looking back to almost all my pics in the lappy. The ones that grabbed my attention a whole heck of a lot were those taken in matrix. I didn’t realise how much I miss hvg real good moments back then until those photographs alarmed me how wonderful it was. I really miss all that I had there, ranging from friendships, food, lectures, u name it. Though it was sort of rural area that promised me not more than kfc and Watson, but no one can ever describe the exact scenery of that place. Everything wasn’t perfect too, but we enjoyed those imperfections. If not, where would the fun be in that?

Matrix was the one that changed my entire perspectives towards the pros and cons of camping. It actually exposes you to numbers of knowledge and experience, not just the exhausting part which the only thing I was certain of before. Yeah. I’m not kinda girl who loves the sweating part of outdoor stuff- jungle trekking, rock climbing and what not. But that doesn’t mean I adore doing household chores like cleaning and cooking too. Just don’t see me as someone who only likes shopping and spending, coz I do like hunting. Food hunting. :p

Buddies were the only company I had in there. They were my everything. There’s no such thing as “gth with him/ her” or “its up to them if they don’t wanna come to lectures”. Coz everyone was so good and caring that a person can really rely on. And it was like “ ur probs are mine too. Lets hv a talk.” ( but there’s no such thing like “ur bf is mine too, or else we’d hv a fight in the ladies.”) Haha. :p

Now everything’s gone, no, actually finished and I’m already in my 2nd yr of degree. But things are still fresh in my mind and I’d probably remember them for the rest of my life, no, teenage life would be more convincing. Haha :p

My eyes shud be on notes now as I hv 5 papers to go for final exam. Fellow comrades, put ur hearts out when answering the questions eh. :D

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One Malaysia. United we stand, divided we fall.

Shafura onn.