Thursday, July 21, 2011


TheOtherKhairul (TOK).

That was a day I encountered his blog, the same day I fell in love with his writings. He made me think, and frankly speaking, he somehow has urged me to change. This stranger is indeed, a booster.

I never say people around me have no influence at all. They do, really. I'm not pious at all, but I believe, when we decided to be a better Caliph of the Mundane, He will show us the way.

TOK loves reading Hlovate, a novelist. I once wondered, what is so great about her? Is she really awesome? At that moment, I assumed, Hlovate must be a great inspiration to TOK.

Orang kata novel Hlovate ni macam baik, I mean, she's practicing dakwah thru her stories. Time goes by, makin ramai yang sebut2 nama dia, especially orang-orang yang memang suka baca novel. Sure dorg kenal Hlovate.

Almost three weeks back, wa masuk Seksyen Bakteriologi for internship. Sembang punya sembang, wa terpandang novel titled 5 tahun 5 bulan. Usha punya usha, Hlovate yang tulis. So since then, bila xde sampel baru yang datang, wa baca novel tu.

Days passed by. Memang betul apa orang cakap. Frankly, I wont rate that novel for full marks, 10/10. I'd give 8.7 maybe. Selama ni, novel yang wa baca akan ada ayat penyedap hati bila ada tragedi. Lets say ''biasalah dugaan hidup. Allah duga sbb dia sayang kita..."

Tapi pada wa, Hlovate tak tulis direct camtu. Dia akan amek petikan ayat Al-Quran and then, translate to malay. And ayat-ayat yang dia amek tu semua macam related dengan kronologi cerita. Somehow, wa rasa dia ni dulu macam belajar subjek Tafsir yang ada kat sekolah agama. Disebabkan wa tak faham Arabic language, wa rasa its a good effort bila dia buat translating tu. Yelah, berapa ramai yang baca surah tapi tak faham maksudnya? I'm not exempted.

Dia sembang cara halus, dakwah berhikmah. And also, up-to-date. What she's writing is what's happening in our world now. At the very least, she's making me aware of whats attacking our life at the moment.

Ahhh dont worry. Novel dia tak skema pun. U wont feel like reading Reader's Digest, I guarantee. :D

Thanks Dear Almighty, with these hands and eyes, I found an amazing blog that led me to an inspiring novelist.

SO. 210711. 2100. BBU, JB.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Opposite attracts? Maybe.

Time flies. You slowly bare your true colours. And yes, many of them I've never ever seen. I'm your real stalker, and still, I guess, I aint know you enough. I wont say you disappoint me, but you just make me think a whole heck of a lot more.

You are so different from me where I bet our similarities are finger-counting. You love politics and I love gossips, you watch cartoon but I adore romantic comedies, I'm fairer (haha :p) and u're tanner. Ok fine, u're skinnier while I'm fleshier. Despite all these differences where I'm unable to understand u as whole, how can u be so attractive? ;)

SO. 080711. 1828. BBU.