Saturday, January 31, 2009

i HATE these guys!!

1. First and foremost, the guys who totally turn me off would be the ones with this quote in their brain (if only they possess one) and things get even worse, when they proudly say it out loud in public.

“ bwat pe la perempuan blaja tinggi2?? Last-last nnti dok dapur gak..membazir duet mak bapak je…”

=> the moment this sentence knocked my ears, I’d feel like slaughtering that person’s neck! Hello! We’re not in 60’s or 70’s ok?? We all know that we’re already 9 years past millennium but surprisingly, I’d still hear people said that! these people, if u want to be sticked in ur own stupid mud, I really care less. Live in ur zaman jahiliah, alone. anyhow, i suggest u to take a nice trip to universities as well as rehabs so that u know which of the places women and men conquer.

p/s: to guys who are in uni/colleges/edu institutes now, u guys are exceptional. gv a big round of applause to urself.

2. This kind of guys doesn’t make me think twice that they’re just insecured about themselves.

“ saya tawula saya ni x ensem, gemok, hitam.. tak pandai,..blablabla..awak mesti xnk kawan ng saya kn?? ”

=> when that person says like the above, I’d stare at his face while having this so-called my saying in my mind “kesian dye ni..u earned my pity dude…” ok. I’m not an evil (I believe so) , but if you really feel bad about urself and have no confidence of whatsoever, can u just fake it and pretend to possess one?? It’s not that hard, isn’t it? About ur insecurities, u don’t have to list them down for me. I can see them with my own naked eyes. And if u really2 feel bad regarding ur appearance, why don’t u make an effort to upgrade it? It’s up to u afterall. Once again, I care less.

p/s:I know that it’s good for us to be humble but we should be only in certain cases. If not, people will take us for granted.

3. I'd like to also convey my heartfelt pity and sorry to guys who think this way.

“ hantaran kahwin skang mahal nak jual anak je…”

=> to men who have this in their mind, which of my words do u prefer? One, u’re totally a loser. Two, u’re not born to be a father. Either one, it’s rude and I’m aware of that. Guys, if u’re concerned about NOWADAYS world, I’m certain that u’d understand why the bride’s parents need maybe 15k or 20k as hantaran. Pelamin, khemah/hall, jamuan, kenduri tunang, ole-ole, telur pindang, bilik pengantin, etc…those require money rite? U don’t expect them to be there when u wake up the next morning, do u? and it’s not to mention how far the price can go if u’re living in urban areas. And as creatures from Mars, u shud work/study harder in order to have a better life in future. It’s a challenge for u guys, not a burden. And one more thing, if u cant afford those amount for hantaran, u think u can afford to raise up ur kids? They need a whole lot more than u can imagine.

4. All men ought to do is to be brave.

=> I don’t know why this suddenly came up of my mind. To me, there’s only one crucial thing men have to do. They ought to ACT brave and confident. That’s all it takes to win a woman’s heart and I don’t seem to find the answers why it’s hard to be done by guys. Msg beri salam, pastu bile tnye sape, diam..tak pon ckp ‘adela…secret…’ wth?? Miscal,,pastu ble miscal balik, dye plak tnye sp?? again,,wth?? Can u just go back to ur kindergarden and learn things that u’d be used in future? Just like abc and 123…

5. Last but of course, not least,, I hate guys who are so obsessed about themselves, thinking they’re too great that licensed them to be “player”.

=> my hatred this time goes to men who think they’re player. If u really are, u don’t have to tell me coz I can see it with my own gifted eyes. I hate it when a man says this (dgn nada suare yg gedik smbil bwat muke cm bagos) “ orang ckp sy player tp sy kwn je ng perempuan…sy x maen2 kan perasaan diorg pon…blablabla…”.

=> Oh my god! Gedik gle seyh! Saje2 ckp cmtu in order to gv hints that he’s hot, rich, talented in sports and instruments, surrounded by gorgeous girls, etc (konon2 ade character2 player). Have my words-gth dude!!

=> Usually, a man doesnt admit if he’s truly a player coz he fears of losing his fans. So klau yg tbe2 ckp dye tu player without no one asking him, its confirmed that he purposely said that to seek for attention and also to remind people that he’s got a high taste. And yg plg x tahan skali ble dye tu x ensem langsung! Omg! Can I buy u a long big mirror so that u can compare urself with CR or JT?? At that time, I bet u’d feel like a last loser standing, most probably.

additional unnecessary notes:-

* i first had no 1 situation when i was in form 2, if i'm not mistaken. the words were from a bus driver.

* i encountered no 2 case when i started my first tagged account. and the words were miserably being repeated during my chatting on ym.

* i had no 3 case a few times, recently during my titas lecture (though the words were not similar but i'm sure the meaning was the same.)

* i had no 4 situation when i was in matrix. university students are bravier, thank god.

* i had no 5 case during my chatting with a guy whom made me feel nousy and irritated.

red devil.
shafura onn

Friday, January 16, 2009

can u stop stalkering me??

what if there's a person who keeps on spying on u, knowing what u said, where u stay, ur digits and so forth? can u act normally when u know someone is looking at u but u're just blurr to find out the culprit? and things get even worse when he's a senior of 3rd yr and u hv to deal with the situation for at least 1 more week! this couldnt be more ridiculous!

in order to get my name listed as one of the residents in my college for the becoming semesters, i hv to get involved in extra activities, or in simpler words, i ought to be active. i really want to stay in my college as it's the nearest to my faculty, meaning that i wouldnt hv to wake up early,wait for the bus as early as 7.15am. coz at that time, most probably, my dreams hvnt reached the ending part yet. i really love the fact that if my class starts at 8am, i can step my feet off my room at 7.55am. i want it to be remained the same until i graduate in about 3 years' time. hopefully.

i registered as a member of dikir barat club coz i had so much fun during the orientation week performance. in dikir barat, all u hv to do is clap ur hands, memorise the steps and the lyrics as well. there's no pressure of whatsoever. this art is actually came from kelantan, if i'm not mistaken, and therefore, my other clubmates are mostly from there, terengganu and also kedah. since my first-greeted origin was johor bahru, i'm having kinda difficulties to understand their 'loghat' and i keep on asking my friend, zue, about what the senior said. and because of that, i always be the one who had the last laughs. everyone else hv laughed before i did.

while i'm enjoying berdikir barat all this while, i'm now thinking that things will not be the same for my future practices. there's guy who told me that he knows details about me. maybe not as high as mountains, but it's enuf to scare me off. i'm terrified. i'm afraid. knowing that there's someone stalkering u isnt a gd news. he knew my digits, my college and even the words i said to my friend! maybe not all of them, but still, i'm not feeling comfortable. he texts me, calls me and i really dont feel like replying his msgs nor answering his calls. i really want to avoid him, but i dont know how. i hv no clues about who he is (except that he's a senior), and i really dont gv a damn to it. i dont wanna know him. i can sense that my next practice will be a lot more difficult than i can imagine.

i know that he wants to befriend with me, but his way of approaching me says a totally opposite thing. sy sgt rimas tawu x?? most probably, i'm not ready to be closed to someone yet. and i prefer things to come naturally, not with the help of my sympathy and empathy values..

plz stop bothering me or else, hatred is coming its way.

lol, shafura onn

Sunday, January 4, 2009

OTH rules!

i've watched the whole episodes of onetreehill season 5 and i really luv the story line! and of course, brooke davis looks hot, as always. but what really made me into this story is these words, consisting of 14 letters. it's so very meaningful to me.

can u guess what these letters stand for?

it's TRUE LOVE ALWAYS. i guess we all need TLA.

as for myself;-
i LOVE being me.
i LOVE my family-abah, mama, lala, eqa, toknah and tokyem.
i LOVE my besties-fee, ainee, salma, ezny, aimie, aza.
i LOVE my dearest buddies- irena, yana, atim, sue.
i LOVE my friends-the ones in kindergarden, skbu 2, sigs, jmc and now, ukm.
i LOVE my life, though i always hope it can be better.
and in future, i know i'll LOVE someone when i'm sure he's the one destined for me.

* thanx a lot syamil for giving me these oth dvds. it's cool dude! gotta treat u next time i'm in ktsn. u wanted mc'd rite? ok! hehe

lol, shafura onn

jan 1st, 2009

it was thursday and also the first day of 2009 when i spent the beginning of hopefully a wonderful year for me with salma, ezny and also sadeline in LOW YAT which i couldnt find 24 hours earlier...and we went there for two reasons which one, looking for N76 which i've been craving for for already a fortnite. secondly, it was for sadeline who wanted to get her phone checked as it gave her some stupid problems. and since it was a holiday in kl, we were kinda drowned in not only hustle and bustle of city, but also in the abundance of shirts, blouses, jeans and not to mention, thongs as kl was still having the year-end sales.

LOW YAT was fulled with people all over the place and since it's located in front of timesQuare, the pedestarian roads were like dancefloors in pubs and lounges. and believe me, if u're not familiar with the sidewalks, u'd find urself lost in the middle of kl. maybe not kl. bukit bintang should be more like it.

while ezny helped sadeline to get her phone repaired, salma and I went right to left, up and down, back and forth looking for the phone i desired. finally we found one when ezny called me saying she saw one in a shop. and after lots of negotiations, believe me, lots of them, eventually i become one of N76 users now.
and sadeline succeeded to get her phone functioning. the memory card was the culprit and everything's settled when she bought a new one.

my new gadget! i''m lovin it!

after getting all we wanted, we went to vivo to hv some bites!

----------------------> sadeline and salma

----------------------> ezny-sadeline-me
my drink is called fruity fitness. it really acts like a confidence booster..i felt like having fergie's body shape after drinking it. hehe =p

i would like to convey my heartfelt gratitude to one of my bestest buddies, SALMA, for helping me to find things i wanted. and also for ur kindness of treating me a green-with-hood sweater. thanx for bringing me to chow kit road, letting me to stay at ur place for 2 days and for memories of watching fireworks during countdown. thanx for everything. i mean it. may 2009 be a wonderful year for u. ALLAH bless u always. insyaALLAH.

lol, shafura onn

Saturday, January 3, 2009

new yr's eve roxx!

i skipped my biomath cls because i went out with salma that evening. hello!! it's new yr's eve ok? hehe. i intended to buy a new phone (N76) and we planned to go to LOW YAT (LY) as it offers u gazillions of gadgets ranging from phones, laptops, cameras and what not. people said it is located in front of TIMES SQUARE (TS) and they promised us that we're gonna find it juz by walking out of the front entrance of TS. so, salma and I bought comuter tickets and stopped at jalan imbi. here's how crazy the train was that day. people were packed up, juz like a tin of sardine.

salma and I were standing behind the chocolate-scarf lady. we're juz a step out of the train. if the door we're lying to opened, we're finished before saying hello to 2009.

we arrived at TS and applied what people told us. but we couldnt find LY. and since it was already 8 somtin pm, we needed to be at salma's college. but looking at my frustrated face as i really wanted to buy that phone, salma suggested us to go to CHOW KIT ROAD. yep,u guys are reading well. it's chow kit- non familiar place to me, not to mention how crowded and dangerous it always seems. but as always, curiousity rules and by train, we went there, to almost all nset shops. there was so many people loitering around, like i said earlier, it's new yr's eve! so i guess u juz have to imagine how was the scenery like that day. however, sadly, i couldnt find the phone i desired. how unlucky i was that day.

feeling extremely tired, our legs were almost detached from its place, we went back to salma's college and arrived there at about 10 somtin pm...

at almost 12, we went down, chatting, nope, actually having tounge-tied with my other friends-ezny and syamil also friends of theirs while waiting for the countdown.
5,4,3,2,1...hepy new yr everyone! there were screaming and yelling and laughing everywhere! huuuu

we'd see the fireworks in front of KLCC, though they werent so clear. hello 2009!

may 2009 bring us lots of joys, happiness, prosperities and all that count to make us live life to the max. ALLAH bless us all, always...InsyaALLAH.

lol,shafura onn

last day of 2008

wed, 31st dec...last day of a very meaningful 2008 of mine. a year that has thought me trillion of things which made me wiser than i was couple of years before. yep, obviously, i've grown up.

on that day, i was supposed to attend a biomath cls. no, u dont hv to get ur eyes checked. it's BIOMATH!huh. what the hell is bio has to do with math?? do we need math methods to predict how many erythrocytes running thru our veins?? or is it the length of DNA loops that matters? actually, i've tried to figure this out last sem when i knew that i'm gonna take this subject this term but the efforts are worthless. i couldnt find the relationship between both study fields. do i have to really learn math? i mean i had enuf of numbers. believe me, i had enuf of them. anyhow,i skipped that cls, i missed the introduction briefing part. but my buddies told me that in biomath, we're gonna learn math. its math. not bio. and topics of logarithm, differentiation, integration and statistic popped outta my mind! i HATE integration and differentation! i've been cursed not to understand them! and if it's math, why it is called biomath?? what's the purpose of having bio word in front of those letters?? u really need a brain like Einstein to know the reasons.

lol, shafura onn