Friday, March 5, 2010


it has been a while since he's gone for good, and maybe thts the best for him. it was quite a shock for me, but somehow I once predicted this would happen. so yeah, it happened and its pretty hard to say that I already lost a person who had marked his journey on my pathway of life.

anyhow, life has to go on, and thankful to God, it has turned out more awesome! ;D

my days so far went well, and since now is the 2nd last month of the term, my schedule is packed with thousands of stuff- 2 more midsem papers, college carnival, and an annual college dinner. too much to handle, but with the helps of others, insyaAllah, they'll all turn out great.

there'll be no electrical supply in ukm tmrw, so salma and I will be heading to KL for some entertainment. we couldnt enjoy karaoke-ing with no lyrics on the tv, could we? ;P

hmmm, thats all for now. toodles people!

now playing---> speechless, lady gaga

happier mankind,
shafura onn.


  1. gua akan musnahkan happiness lu...hahaha

  2. be strong babe! i'm always here whenever u need me ;p

  3. din: try lah musnahkan. wa cbr lu. hahaha ;P

    aza: i know. thanx! ;D

  4. 他能,假使他想他能;他不能,假使他想他不能。........................................