Saturday, April 24, 2010


now its down to two more exams! wootwoot! i'm very much anxious for some breaks and eventually my holidays will kick its butt starting from 27th evening onwards. 1-week-exam-gap makes me lazy, as it triggers my mood of watching dramas all over again, plus, searching for gossips and what not. time flies like flash and suddenly, I'm on weekends! I was supposed to yell "weeehoooo" but unfortunately, weekends dont give any meaning if u just stay in ur room, looking at the disastrous notes, as the next exam will be on Monday. Can Monday be more likeable?

anyhow, it seems like I cant enjoy much of my 3-month-off-books period as I'll have to go to Pahang, again. but this time around, its not for fieldwork, but its for my thesis. yes, u guys arent reading any wrong. As I'll be entering my final yr next term, I'd have to start collecting data for the thesis. therefore, I'll be in Pahang for a fortnight, if things go well. if not, I'll ought to stay there longer. but nevermind, the place promises me a beach, so I guess starfishes will be my friends soon. :)

I have to stop now. the books are calling like hell. toodles people!

btw, MU won their third last match over Tottenham, 3-1! weehooo! chels, u better be careful. :P

shafura onn. 9.37 pm, 24/4/10. kolej ungku omar,ukm,bangi