Friday, October 29, 2010

I dont love you.

While writing this, I'm reminiscing something I used to have drugs on - MCR's I dont love you. Everyone knew this song when I was in matrix. It accompanied me when I ironed my clothes, it was the main song people sang in the toilets and those who didnt have it in their cell phones were geeks.

After few years of abandoning the group as well as their masterpieces, a line of this song's lyric popped out of nowhere. Nevertheless, it suits well with my current feelings towards my crush. " I dont love you like I did yesterday " makes sense after 36 months. I dont find him adoringly any longer. And my reverence of him seems to be fading away, I guess.

No, nothing serious has happened. We still communicate like we used to, but, the feeling is just disappearing. People say "if u love a person, u tend to be acceptive of his/her strengths and weaknesses as love is all about completing each other". But I just cant develop this for him, at least not for now. Therefore, I believe he's not for me. Coz I know, if love is on my way, I'll have someone I'll be head over heels with he himself for real.

So yeah, thats how it goes. For now. ;P

I'm fucking addicted to Grenade by Bruno Mars. Omg! Its effing good! Why not u guys hear it? I bet u'll be on my side. ;) oh One more thing, KHJ-Hwangbo in "We got married" is freaking awesome! and yes, he's still one of my antibiotics. :D

Guten nacht people. :)

Shafura Onn. 0134. 301010. Kolej Ungku Omar, UKM, Bangi.

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