Wednesday, March 17, 2010

what? quote of the day?

I've never thought I'd be motivated enough to scroll down the websites, searching for perfect quotes for the day. nor I'd be in the library to borrow books written by Dr. Fazilah Kamsah so that they'd sing me to sleep. but somehow, to be frank, I did collect some self-boosters whenever I crossed them during reading or stalking people's pages/blogs. and I didnt exactly know when the list started to grow longer and even longer day after day.

I've believed that if beauty is not immediately apparent, look closer for if God made it, there is beauty in it somewhere, in simpler forms, there're always blessings in disguise or there'll be no sunshine without rains. and the analogy would be, if there's no obstacle in life, would we appreciate life then? its a big NO-NO since we humans always take things for granted.

from the former US First Lady, Eleanor Roosevelt, no one can make u feel inferior without ur permission , I learned that pride stands out when I personally love myself, no matter how much people love or hate me. coz if I dont love myself, how am I going to love others?

A person is born with desires of the eyes and ears, and a liking for beautiful sights and sounds. If he gives way to them, they will lead him to immorality and lack of restriction, and any ritual principles and propriety will be abandoned by Xun Zi reminds me of the importance of taking care of my own desires so that i wont go far, stepping over the border. therefore, I'd hv to know my limits out of every single thing world offers me.

hmmm. its already 50 mins passed 2 in the morning, and my eyes are now half-opened. so, thats it. till we meet again. :)

now a little more motivated,
shafura onn

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