Thursday, February 18, 2010

fieldwork. again??

---> crime: fieldwork in mersing, johor

for sure u guys know what i'll be shitting about in this post. tomorrow, no, another about 7 hrs, i'll be going to hutan..., u guys arent reading any wrong, yes, its hutan i'm going to for my hmmm, not sure, 3rd or 4th fieldwork. bosan weyh! seriously! its not just because its a FIELDWORK, meaning that we'll all be tanning our fair skin under the trees in the forest (sometimes we do feel like filming the episodes of LOST), but also due to the fact that its still a holiday for the rest of students in all over Malaysia (exception for those who give votes on hiking or camping or whatever). yeah, i know some people do hope they can go somewhere out of campus during learning years, but come on, its a holiday. and since this term is a short one, we all NEED our days off. its a NECESSITY, ok? it'd be extremely awesome if i can enjoy my days in front of the home tv, on a couch, with chips and chocs all around my fingers.

anyhow, despite being trashed from my old fieldwork group (lecturer punye keje), i do personally hope for success in every task i'll be asking for. and also, since we'll all be camping, meaning that we'll all be occupied in small tents, i pray for my safetiness in the sense that no legs on my face or body during sleeping time. ;P

---> crime: fieldwork in tasik chini, pahang

shafura onn.


  1. uwah~~best giler~~

    sronok wo buat projek outdoor~~

    p/s: aq g camping kat waterfall kat pahang. aku yang dah sedia gelap bertambah2 gelap. haha...

  2. sronok?? alaa. da byk kali la g outdoor. nyamuk pn da knl ktorg. haha ;P

    p/s: pkaila sunblock weyh! ;D