Monday, December 13, 2010

Oh man, I love grooming! :D

Close buddies of mine know how much I love grooming. I’m just into stuff that boosts my confidence level. I’m not sure about u guys but damn, seriously, I’m a type of person who can’t resist herself from buying, especially skin care & make up products. I’ve always wanted a porcelain-like skin, but who doesn’t anyway? And if most people like neat, tidy hair, I’m actually a big fan of messed-up, bed hair look, the one like Blake Lively’s is just gosh, awesome! Then also, my third insecurity (sometimes) could be my teeth on lower jaw. Braces? Some imperfections are just adorable arent they? :p

These are my helpers for any activities – loitering in malls, dinners and what not. The ones I’d never go out without putting them on are Maybelline compact powder (after experimenting so much, this suits my skin tone quite well) and concealer of the same brand. My face would look reddish whenever pimples kick out, so a concealer is absolutely a necessity.

Mascara- one beauty getaway I adore the most. I’ve tried Maybelline, Silky girl, MAC, Clinique, Bobbi Brown, and Estee Lauder. Revlon could be next. From all that I’ve listed, Estee Lauder fully satisfies me, followed by Bobbi Brown.

Eyeliners. I’m not into them much, and gosh, liquid ones are totally not accessible for me. But if I were to have one on, I’d prefer brown over black. And the ones I’ve used are always in brown, or in darker shade but not blackish. I look weird in pure black eyeliner. A tip, don’t use black liner on lower eyelids; it makes your eyes look smaller. Use white or silver liner instead, and start lining on the middle until outer eyelid.

Eyeshadow. I don’t really know how to put on the eye shadows (smoky eyes are pain in the ass to be perfectly done), so I use them as eyeliners. Thus, rather than buying an eyeliner, an eye shadow could make you kill two birds with one stone – just line them up on the lids for a quick touch-up, or use them to dazzle your eyes for a prom (I bet we’d become expert after some learnings). Easy isn’t it?

Blusher. Until now, I’d never tell if a shade suits me well or draws me like a Bardot. But to stay safe, light pink could never go wrong I think. Practice makes perfect, so why not stay in front of the mirror and start grooming? ;)

Lipstick. I once read that one of the greatest beauty looks of all time are red lips. But always bear in mind that red lips can’t go with smoky eyes. You have to choose either one to be the centre of attention –the lips or the eyes. And since I’ve not mastered in shadowing the lids, I’d spend more time on the lips.

Skin care products – I now have Neutrogena Fine Fairness Brightening UV Moisture, SK II Miracle Water, Cosmoderm Toner, Bio Oil, Garnier Light Gentle Moisturizer and L’Oreal White Perfect Day & Night Spot Corrector. I don’t use them all every day, coz their effectiveness depends on the skin type. But I love trying, that’s why I have quite plenty of them. But since I don’t possess a celebrity-like skin, I’d never recommend any of the listed to you. I bet you know yourself better. :D

Shafura Onn. 131210. Jam 2110. Bandar Baru UDA, JB.


  1. hey pura..dis gg..using papa's id..hehe..jz check out ur blog..grooming??haha..cnt wait 2 c u wif ur bobbi brown on..huhu..

  2. hahaha jahat! bobbi brown tu mascara je lah gg. bende lain belum try. kalau dah menjadi make up I'll upload a pic. klau x jadi, confirm2 la x amek pic kan. ;P