Wednesday, January 27, 2010

oh my bf! ;P

ok. it has been ages since I last updated this blog, ok, I lie. not ages, months shud be more likeable. frankly speaking, i hv soooo much to pen on, bt time limits me. bundles of works need to be done on time, even if its not, they do hv dateline of which the most significant thing that indicates what a work is. if not, will it be termed 'work'?

out of numerous topics to give a shot on, this time around, the award goes to the most recent addiction i had for already couples of weeks. that is KIM HYUN JOONG aka JI-HOO in BOYS OVER FLOWERS episodes. I was totally blown away with his look and character in the storyline. he made me thinking of 'indahnya ciptaan Tuhan' once again after i had it when looking at cristiano ronaldo (when i was in f5) and ashraf the starbucks guy (last year).haha I really feel like booking a flight ticket to KOREA just to see him! crazy enuf! as if if i go there i'd be able to meet him je kan. *sigh*

---> un-official boyfriend, KHJ.

I full-heartedly think that the craziness i encountered when i first had a celebrity crush on ronaldo has repeated, but now towards KHJ. I've downloaded his songs (w/pun x phm) and pics, and I watched his videos like times. and I even changed my msg tone to the song sang by his boyband. sangatla sengal. tp sp sroh dye cute and gentleman sgt, though dlm BOF je. haha ;P

gtg now. better things waiting in line. adios people. :D


shafura onn.