Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Not only human (naturally), school is also single-sex. HAHA :p

Single sex school is part of my early life and also one of the reasons I’m able to be in university right now. Not saying that it’s a guarantee for future success though, but, without education there, I don’t think I’d be growing up as a useful human.

SIGS – Sultan Ibrahim Girls School, Johor Bahru. The place I’ve so many memories about. Teachers, friends, seniors & juniors, sports day, assembly in a very hot hall, and on top of all, the prefectorial board I was in for four consecutive years.

Miss Bulwinder Kaur, the most unforgettable teacher I’ve ever had. She’s just hilarious and incredible! When she first entered my class, we students couldn’t understand her words coz she spoke so damn fast! And its surprising that she was able to maintain the perfect Malay language (she isn’t a Malay), and yes, she was my Form 5 teacher for that subject. I’ve never enjoyed learning BM in my life, but she has successfully changed that. An-hour-lesson seemed like only 10 minutes. And the best part was, we weren’t just studying it. But we could also see the beauty of our mother-tongue in an enjoyable way.

Seniors & juniors – Hoho. Some might have negative thoughts of all-girls and all-boys schools. I remembered a time when there was a proposal to government saying that single-sex-school should be banned as cases of wrong sexual orientation increased, which means people blamed this type of education centre for the introduction of gays and lesbians in the society. I’m not going to deny it, coz some of the justifications are right. But one thing I’m very sure about, the pros of having my kind of school are far greater than the cons. And sometimes, students get confused about their own identity and preference and I believe this as a part of growing up to know what you really are. What I’m seeing right now is, more and more of boyish girls in my school are returning straight. Rough appearance remains outside, and their inner self are still completely women basic instinct.

It has been sort of a ‘culture’ to the students of my school to write small cute notes to our seniors & juniors. I mean, we play favoritisms. Cute, popular ones would always be the apple of some eyes. They’d be given birthday presents, dedications, wishes, notes and much more. I don’t think this is harmful, and I see this as sisterhood. We left school, but our friendship remains alive. :D

Sports day is being held annually, usually at the beginning of a year. All kinds of practices are being done – marching, bands, cheering, decorations and what not. I was involved in the marching of prefect squad for three years if I’m not mistaken. All marching squads would follow the beats played by the bands. My school’s band is quite well-known in my district. Then cheerleaders. Their voices are hell loud! Coz in order to win, judges must hear the cheers. So just imagine how big a stadium is, and cheering girls of each house (blue, red, yellow, green) would be on the opposite from the grand stand where the judges would be in. And they could not stop yelling, shouting and cheering until the end of everything. Now you know why students of all-girls schools have men’s voices. ;)

I was the Vice Secretary of Prefectorial Board when I was in Form 3 and Vice President later when I was in Form 5. Though conducting assembly wasn’t something new for me back then, I’d still get stage fright in front of everybody, especially if it’s Monday. The principal would be there, sometimes the scripts were altered last minute, and if worst ever, the school song’s cd failed to play and we prefects couldn’t find a pianist. So before the assembly starts, we’d always check everything out. But sometimes, things did happen outside of our control, especially when it comes to electronic devices. And I was a Science-stream student, so how the hell did I ever know about wires and plugs?? HAHA. ;p

I’m thankful for everything I had, and I believe I’d not be where I am today without facing those experiences before. And on top of all, I’m extremely grateful that I was raised up in a single-sex school. Coz I’d never ever had to pretend, it makes me, ME. :D

Shafuraa Onn. 270111. 0013. Kolej Ungku Omar, UKM, Bangi.


Its Wednesday, which means I’ve been taking Paracetamol for straight three days, Uphamol were taken on Monday & Tuesday, and I just took Soluble just now. I’m well aware that this isn’t good, but my head seems to be spinning few times. The pain didn’t last all day long, but it made me feel dizzy. Sometimes, one side of my head felt heavier than the other one. And some other time, the pain just rushed through all over my head.

I’ve never been diagnosed to be having migraine before, so I’m not sure if this is the starting point. But I hope it isn’t. I’ll be heading to Rompin this Friday with the lab crews, and I don’t wanna be a burden to anyone. Therefore, I’m praying to be healthy at least until the day I go back home, maybe on next Tuesday. The sampling would always be tiresome for everyone as many things to get done, and I’d be miserable if they have to take care of me if I got sick. So yeah, pills would go on the top list in things-to-bring for the trip this time around!

I just finished watching Personal Taste, a Korean drama series. It wasn’t too entertaining, but one thing I can be certain of, is that Korean story line, actor, and actress have never failed to amuse me how sweet they are. They are very passionate to each other; towards partners, parents, siblings or non-blood-ties humans. Though the story line might be something people created, I feel it is the culture of Koreans to portray affectionateness. And I do think this is a good example everyone should learn about. Love others and wars would no longer exist, just like the message in ’21 Guns’ by the Greenday.

Thats probably all for now. Need to finish up something else. Tc friends & haters. :D

Shafuraa Onn. 260111. Kolej Ungku Omar, UKM, Bangi.

Monday, January 17, 2011

I'm a human lah, not vampires!

Truthfully ever speaking, there are some people I'm hating right now, but I dont hate just that, I've got my own reasons. And yes, I can be so damn devilish to spit mouthful of bad words to them, but I just cant, at least not eye-to-eye. No, its not because I pity them, its too much to ask from me, but I'm a normal human being. They hurt you, u felt extremely bad and u're hoping the same goes to them, just like the phrase 'what u give, u got back.'

I dont really care if someone or two or three or more hate me. Coz I'd be hating them a whole heck of a lot more. Yes, this world had enough of wars and it needs peace, but who actually barks at a sleeping dog? I wont be bothered if I didnt get disturbed at the very first place.

No, I wont do any harm or physical abuse towards people I'm planting my hatreds on. Nor I'd be sending viruses so that their laptops get corrupted as well as their thesis files. Its childish and not classy. The most I'd be doing, is watching from far if they're struggling. The Almighty always remember us, does He? Its Carma, u step on others once, they step back on u twice. Or even worse that u dont wanna complete ur life.

Its really pathetic if I see someone brings people down just to make him/her feels better of own-self. I came across few. But I was raised up with humanity value that keeps me from being a bullshit, so like I said, I'll just be watching. And I know this isnt noble, but I cant help myself from enjoying the awfully entertaining rewards they obtain themselves from being thats-why-people-hate-you person. They ought to learn from their mistakes. Life is the ultimate teacher afterall!

Whenever I'm mad, my friends would console me. And I'm thankful for that. They got me back into senses. But to not be having any feelings after some conflicts, it really requires some time off, some breaks. One of my buddies said, 'its ur experience for now, treasure it. You'd be glad someday that u've encountered it before.' I find this is true, but somehow being neutral doesnt flow in my way just yet. Maybe it will, in future who knows.

Oh dont worry. I can accept advices, oh, only from those I trust. And trust is earned. ;)

Shafuraa Onn. 1801111. 0336. Kolej Ungku Omar, UKM, Bangi.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Pengalaman pertama 150111

Chewahhh. Tajuk taboleh blaaa. :p

Wa xde la baik sgt nak tunjuk wa smayang ke hape. But I’m posting this out coz its my own experience. I don’t wanna forget this incident, so bila-bila bosan boleh baca balik dan tersenyum sendiri. ;)

Selalunya hari Sabtu ada pasar malam kat area shell dekat ngan ukm. So akibat kebosanan melampau, wa ngan zeti pn pergilah ke sana. Kat sini barang2 murah, tudung 10 bucks je. Kalau kat jb jangan haraplah. Kat angsana tu tudung mahal gila. Memanglah material x sama, tp wa x tgk sangat. Like how far can a piece of cotton really satisfy you? So asalkan wa nampak ok bila pakai pastu colour pun cm best, wa beli je lah. Ok, dah lari tajuk sebenarnya.

Tengah-tengah jalan, hujan lebat gila. Of course la ktorg x bawak payung. So ktorg berteduh kat 1 gerai beg ni. Hujan makin lebat, xde tanda-tanda nak reda. Masa ni dah 7 lebih. Tunggu punya tunggu, dah 7.30. Wa takut maghrib abes, so wa suggest kat zeti redah je hujan sebab wa plan nak solat kat Shell. Sebenarnya wa x igt shell ada surau ke x sbb before ni x pernah terjadi macam ni. So ktorg redah je. Habis lencun tapi apa boleh buat. Sampai kat Shell tudung sme dah senget-benget. Orang dok pandang je, msti dorg dok cakap ‘gila ape mereka nih.’ Hahaha

Pastu ktorg bergegas cari surau. On the way ke surau, terjumpa toilet. Wa igt nak masuk, jap lagi wa ternampak org tengah kencing sbb dia x tutup pintu (toilet laki opposite toilet pompuan). Abes hilang virgin mata wa nih. Hahaha wa x jadi masuk toilet tu. Then jumpa surau. Lega. Jap lagi, ktorg perasan yang signboard dia tulis ‘surau’ je, xde gambar laki ke pompuan. So macam hesitate nak masuk. Ngendap punya ngendap, takde orang. Apa lagi, ktorg cepat-cepat masuk dan kunci so that orang laki x bole masuk sebab kat tepi kiri kanan ada orang laki berdiri tunggu hujan reda.

Bila masuk je, alamak, xde tempat wuduk. Memang kecik je surau tu. Takpelah, wa pun terfikir nak g toilet tadi. Sampai je toilet, pintu toilet pompuan kunci. Adeh. Dugaan lagi. Time ni dah 7.45 kot. Wa pun g kedai serbaneka shell tu dan beli mineral water. Then masuk dalam surau balik. Pastu terfikir, cmne nak amek wuduk nih? Kang basah surau sebab dia mmg simen yg beralas. Yang ade hanya sejadah 2 helai. Takde tempat nak tuang air ke ape. Kang kalau wa amik air smayang kat pintu surau semua org tengok sbb ramai org. Semua pun dok tunggu hujan reda.

Then zeti cakap ‘aku pegang plastic, kaw amek air smayang.’ Kira wa jirus muka tangan semua, air masuk dalam plastic tu. Ok settle. Lepas amik wuduk, baru perasan xde telekung! Dugaan yang ketiga. Sudaaahh, cmne nih. Fikir punya fikir, wa dpt idea. Wa beli cadar baru sbb wa terbakarkan cadar org, hahaha. Wa iron tudung atas katil budak tu, jap lg terbakar. Wa dah janji nak ganti cadar lain, so yeah, wa pun beli la 1 set cadar siap dengan sarung bantal & sarung bantal peluk yg panjang tuh. So wa amek sarung bantal peluk tu dan sarung kat kaki. Gila style belang2 colour2. Hahaha then wa pakai tudung zeti sebab masa tu dia pakai tudung yang main sarung je, tudung ekin la kot nama dia. So labuh la jugak. Luckily masa tu wa pakai long-sleeve, kalau tak wa mesti dah selibung 1 badan dgn cadar baru tu. Hahaha wa yakinkan diri yang wa dalam keadaan bersih, then wa solat Maghrib dan berdoa agar diterima amalan oleh Tuhan Yang Esa. Cewahhhh. ;)

Lepas abes semua, wa dengar ade org soksek-soksek kat luar. So ktorg cepat-cepat siap. Ade org lain nak masuk. Orang lelaki yang dah lama tunggu kat tepi surau kot. Mesti dia pn dah lame dok usha tu surau laki ke pompuan, tp biasalah, ladies first kan, baru gentleman. :D

So, tu jelah wa nak cerita. Sehingga kita berjumpa lagi pada hari & waktu yang sama. Assalamualaikum & selamat beramal! :D

Shafuraa Onn. 170111. 0436. Kolej Ungku Omar, UKM, Bangi.

Sunday, January 9, 2011


Like any other girl facing, its the time of the month, so please understand if emotions are running high right now. Not to make it as an excuse, but frankly speaking, it has some effects.

Ok. Curtains fell for AJL25 about 1.5 hours ago. And yes, I'm not satisfied with the results. To me, it was the best show ever in the history of nation music industry, but its moment of truth was heart-breaking. I dont really get why Faizal Tahir (FT) wasnt even in Top 3. Plus, Hafiz winning the best vocals was a bit what? He earned that, u've got to be kidding me right? Then Ana Raffali (AR)? Gosh. Jaw-dropping 35K for that kinda song? Yes, I'm a tune blind but I'm not in deaf ears.

I can nod my head if Black or A.P.I (Lan & Noh) won the best vocals. And Hanyut should be the second-runner up at least. Of course I'd want it to win everything, but if I were to choose one else, it'd be Drama King or Shahir's Kebahagiaan Dalam Perpisahan.

Yep, maybe the trophy was fated for AR. And FT is still my preference other than Datuk Siti Nurhaliza. As for now, only these two mesmerize me with their pieces. I hope losing this will give FT a booster to try harder in future. You know how much fans love & support u all the way. ♥

Its always been some thoughts for my daughter's name (every time I love someone's alphabets, I'd wish to have it on my offspring, hahaha). But now I have an idea for my son's . Its RAFFALI. Though I sorta disapprove AR as the ultimate winner, I do find her father's name attractive. Hahaha :D

So, InsyaAllah, its gonna be Muhammad Raffali bin ....... coming out of love in the future. Auwwww *jiwang gilaaa* :p

To be continued. ;)

Shafuraa Onn. 100111. 0159. Kolej Ungku Omar, UKM Bangi.