Monday, May 31, 2010

I wish I could update more but I'm super duper terribly busy! seems like 24 hrs a day isnt enuf for me to update things around and hopefully by the end of June, my hectic life would meet its end. for the time being, I'm away from getting myself on the go as I'm enjoying my days off the pitch for about one week. in the middle of this month, I'll be traumatizing myself again, as my sampling will be done in Endau-Rompin Dipterocarp Forest. Wish me luck guys!

oh god, I cant wait for this coming Thursday! Legenda Budak Setan will be released and I'm gonna catch it out with my buddies! weehoo! and Killers sounds good too. with Ashton Kutcher in it, I cant hold myself from getting queued for the tickets. :)

while thursday might be a real blast for me, Friday seems to be oppositely frightening. Rumours say my result for the semester will be out! gosh, dont know what to expect from it, but at least, I'm praying not to get a heart attack when looking at the grades. huh

gtg people. tc!

shafura onn. 1.32 am, 1/6/10. bandar baru UDA, johor bahru.