Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Grateful. :)

Hello dear peeps!

310810 – Malaysia’s 53rd Independence Day. And one of my besties’s bornday too, Azah. I went home for about 5 days, thus I was able to enjoy the break-fasting with my loved ones; Abah, Mama, Lala, Hairie and Eqa. It was fun! A real blast I’d say. Loitering in bazaar, sahur in kfc, raya shopping with toknah, tokyem’s new electrical gate and porch were those I had my laughs on. And yes, I’m totally grateful for what I have, rather than to be miserable for things that absent.

After about 21 years of existence, I personally believe that there’re two things I’d be most thankful for. First, my family; they are my strength, they’re the reasons I’m living for, after The Almighty. And all that I’ve achieved so far belongs to them especially the backbones of myself; Abah and Mama. Supports and encouragements are their gifts since I was born. Along with tokyem and toknah, my great grandparents, there’d be no excuses for me not being able to have smiles carved along my journey. Lala and eqa, the most awesome elder and younger sisters one could ask for. And now, I have a brother too, Hairie, Lala’s hubby. He’s like my own flesh and blood.

Come second in my thoughts is the health. Without good health, there’s no use of having a Mercedes in front of the house or a company that runs a million dollar business. What for if the savings can only be looked at but not to spend unless on drugs in medicines? If people laugh when they see you taking half bowl of rice, along with vegetables and a small portion of meat, its no time to be bothered coz its not about dieting now, its about prioritizing your body condition. Also, being skinny isn’t the pink anymore if you’re diagnosed as an anorexic.

Its 0121 now, and after hours of trying to get connected to the Internet, the access is still denied. I don’t know how and why this happens, but apparently, I have to get moving to the next agenda; sleeping. Haha ;P

Take care people. Have a nice day. :)

Shafura onn. 010910. 0125. Kolej ungku omar, UKM Bangi.

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