Thursday, March 11, 2010


now, its time for a confession of a hmmm, not a broken heart, but more or less from a furious horrific humanbeing. i know I'm imperfect, but who isnt?

to this person, I hate u. I really do. as much as I hate to hate u, the hatred grows thicker deep inside me. and dont expect me to change my feelings and perceptions towards u, coz its never gonna happen. u wish.

dont ever expect people to understand u, coz u urself never try to read people's minds, not to mention that u always hurt them. even ur bf bad-mouthed u, so, why'd u think u deserve my undivided attention?

plz realize that u're not that hot to condemn others. u not even reached the par. I cant see ur sex appeal as woman. so my royal advice to u, jgn perasan ok. jgn nak starkup. look back to urself, so that u're not blinded by ur own stupid self-indulgence.

yang perfect hanya ALLAH sahaja.

shafura onn.

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