Wednesday, May 5, 2010

top 5!

I’m updating my favourites from time to time. Here are those for now:

1. Cristiano Ronaldo.
Oh god, I can’t get this hell out of my head since I first noticed him 4 years back. And even though he has left MU for Real Madrid, I still like him. At first, I thought I’d hate him if he’s no longer a Red Devil, unfortunately, I was wrong. This may sound crazy but he’s my first celebrity crush, I mean the official one. Looking at how well he is now at Santiago Bernabeu, I bet he’s happy with life he’s having for the moment. Its about a month to go for World Cup 2010 and I’m very anxious to see him back on Portugal International Team. Hopefully, he’ll do wonders.

2. Remy Ishak
I never meet him yet but I personally think he’s hot. Haha ;P I started to like him since he played Adam in Nur Kasih series.

3. Casey James
It has been my habit to adore at least one in a competition or battle. If not, I might not watch the screening. This time around, I love CJ from the American Idol season 9. Physically, he’s got what it takes to be the next nerve-breaking persona- voice, looks, aura, style and what not. Thus, I wish I’ll see him on finals this year.

4. B-Boy Juicy
Ok. I cant say much about this guy. I just watched Showdown 2010- it’s a reality tv show on break-dancing, roughly its all about basics, skills, choreography and team work on that particular art. And this dude is from Giller Battle Crew of the show. I’m not sure if I’m more attracted to bad-looking, no, I’d say naughty-faced guys compared to more or less like David-Archuleta-kind-of-boy, but it seems I’ve fallen for some whom I found out via shows on tv. In reality, I guess, hmmm, not yet determined.

5. A****
This is more to reality as above is the name of my crush right now. Haha ;P as far as I’m concerned, he’s studying in the same uni as mine (but he’s not my college-mate), tall, dark, bald, but I’d say he has everything a man should be possessing. Anyhow, like I used to be doing, I kind of admiring him from far since we both aren’t friends. So yeah, just let the time do the verdict.

shafura onn. 3.40 pm, 5/5/10. bandar baru UDA, johor bahru.


  1. ouu~ the scandalicious Pura.

    i always thought you're into fair skin. never thought you're into dark skin. so pura, when can the rest of the world know about him? is he holding any jawatan in ukm?

    deym~ mulut cik kiah aku dah masok neyh. hahaha...

  2. hahaha i'm not scandalicious okeyh. ;P

    hmmm. frankly, skin doesnt really matter to me coz I've been attracted to both fair and dark skin people before. so I guess as long as I love looking at his face, nothing else counts. but of course, attitude does give the person some extra points. haha ;)

    as far as I know, he might be holding some in ukm. tp xsure lah jwtn ape..

    mulut cik kiah kaw lah yg buat people sng to hv some gossips with u, so dont ever change it! hahaha ;P