Tuesday, March 30, 2010

my other half

it has been quite a while since we last met each other. and I miss u guys. I really really do.

1. Hj Onn Abdul Rahim & Hjh Narimah Ibrahim, Shafiera Onn & Hairie Zairel Oh, Shafiqaa Onn

2. Hj Ibrahim Mohamed & Hjh Maimunah Yusoff

3. Nuraini Mohd Jaffar

4. Nurul Hafeefe Kamaruddin, Irena Naubi, Fatimah Ismail, Nor Aida Ahmed.

5. Life Science 22 as well as all my fellow comrades in JMC 08/09.

now i'm counting days to go home to meet these people, my other half. till then, may my prayers be with u. ♥

with ♥,
shafura onn.

Monday, March 29, 2010

I'm crushing again! ♥

setelah hampir 2 tahun di ukm, akhirnya, saya rasa saya suke seseorg. haha *blushing*. I'm having a real crush on him, I really do. memanglah before ni pun pernah, tp tu suke tgk je. xdela sampai nak kenal. but this time around, its different coz saya rase bende yang same mse time matriks dulu. ♥

I dont even know him, kami x pernah bercakap apatah lagi nak bergurau-senda. saya tidak tahu ape-ape pasal dye, ok, saya tahu name dye je. yang saya tahu, saya suka tgk muke dye. *blushing lagi* haha

sebagai seorang stalker yang hebat, saya telah pun menjumpai facebook dye, tapi saya x add pn dye as friend coz ktorg mmg bukan kawan. tapi kalau x add macam mana nak kenal kan? tu ape yang kawan saya cakap lah. hmmm

nak add ke x eh? hmmm, lets make it this way. kalau dalam mase 10 hari ni ( bermula esok ) saya ade terserempak dengan dye, saya akan add dye kat fb. saya juge akan memulakan pencarian details pasal dye melalui survey. sekiranya testimoni yang public berikan ok, InsyaAllah, saya akan beranikan diri untuk berkenalan dgn dye. Jika tidak, hmmm, lupekan je lah kan. I'll try not to be a problem seeker. haha *wink*

crushing again,
shafura onn

Saturday, March 20, 2010

now, who's next?

When it comes to a battle, I always fail to accept being defeated, at least from the eyes of public. And the loudness of my man-like voice has been a tool for my ‘enemies’ to measure how furious I am during tongue-tied, even though at some points, the high pitch of me doesn’t indicate anything, including my emotions.

The only that can portray the exact feelings I’m having is my face. And anger is the most hardest for me to hide. I’m quite a hot-tempered person, so everytime someone blows my top, I can feel blood rushing through my veins in higher speed than usual, causing instant redness of my face. So if u succeeded in making me to stop talking the minute after u said something, u definitely have increased my BP as my anger reflects in two ways, its either I turn quiet or worst, I cry.

My zodiac sign shows a twin, in simpler words, double personality. My moods change in seconds – u can see me laughing my ass out and u can also see me crying my eyes out 5 seconds later. Its easy to make me lose control, so, anyone up next?

What people don’t know about me is, no matter how hard it seems to see me raising a white flag, deep inside, like any other mankind, I do surrender. Maybe my fierce face doesn’t agree, but I’m still a Venus’s creature who is affected by an oestrogen, asking me to slow and cool down a little bit, and say “ u’re right and I’m done and off.” Its true but its rarely happening in public, as its what my heart says, not mouth. everyone hates to be a loser, but that doesnt mean they never be. right? :D

love battling,
shafura onn.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

what? quote of the day?

I've never thought I'd be motivated enough to scroll down the websites, searching for perfect quotes for the day. nor I'd be in the library to borrow books written by Dr. Fazilah Kamsah so that they'd sing me to sleep. but somehow, to be frank, I did collect some self-boosters whenever I crossed them during reading or stalking people's pages/blogs. and I didnt exactly know when the list started to grow longer and even longer day after day.

I've believed that if beauty is not immediately apparent, look closer for if God made it, there is beauty in it somewhere, in simpler forms, there're always blessings in disguise or there'll be no sunshine without rains. and the analogy would be, if there's no obstacle in life, would we appreciate life then? its a big NO-NO since we humans always take things for granted.

from the former US First Lady, Eleanor Roosevelt, no one can make u feel inferior without ur permission , I learned that pride stands out when I personally love myself, no matter how much people love or hate me. coz if I dont love myself, how am I going to love others?

A person is born with desires of the eyes and ears, and a liking for beautiful sights and sounds. If he gives way to them, they will lead him to immorality and lack of restriction, and any ritual principles and propriety will be abandoned by Xun Zi reminds me of the importance of taking care of my own desires so that i wont go far, stepping over the border. therefore, I'd hv to know my limits out of every single thing world offers me.

hmmm. its already 50 mins passed 2 in the morning, and my eyes are now half-opened. so, thats it. till we meet again. :)

now a little more motivated,
shafura onn

Thursday, March 11, 2010


it sucks when u couldnt open up ur fb, in the sense that ur profile is failed to load and appear. u cant update ur status, u cant reply messages, and most importanly, u cant be an efficient stalker. benci. benci. :(

tired of trying,
shafura onn


now, its time for a confession of a hmmm, not a broken heart, but more or less from a furious horrific humanbeing. i know I'm imperfect, but who isnt?

to this person, I hate u. I really do. as much as I hate to hate u, the hatred grows thicker deep inside me. and dont expect me to change my feelings and perceptions towards u, coz its never gonna happen. u wish.

dont ever expect people to understand u, coz u urself never try to read people's minds, not to mention that u always hurt them. even ur bf bad-mouthed u, so, why'd u think u deserve my undivided attention?

plz realize that u're not that hot to condemn others. u not even reached the par. I cant see ur sex appeal as woman. so my royal advice to u, jgn perasan ok. jgn nak starkup. look back to urself, so that u're not blinded by ur own stupid self-indulgence.

yang perfect hanya ALLAH sahaja.

shafura onn.

Friday, March 5, 2010


it has been a while since he's gone for good, and maybe thts the best for him. it was quite a shock for me, but somehow I once predicted this would happen. so yeah, it happened and its pretty hard to say that I already lost a person who had marked his journey on my pathway of life.

anyhow, life has to go on, and thankful to God, it has turned out more awesome! ;D

my days so far went well, and since now is the 2nd last month of the term, my schedule is packed with thousands of stuff- 2 more midsem papers, college carnival, and an annual college dinner. too much to handle, but with the helps of others, insyaAllah, they'll all turn out great.

there'll be no electrical supply in ukm tmrw, so salma and I will be heading to KL for some entertainment. we couldnt enjoy karaoke-ing with no lyrics on the tv, could we? ;P

hmmm, thats all for now. toodles people!

now playing---> speechless, lady gaga

happier mankind,
shafura onn.