Sunday, July 11, 2010

how are you, dear peeps?

Ola beautiful people! Its been a month since I last wrote something here and now I'm back! ohh I miss doing stuff I love and finally nothing's gonna stop me from portraying all that I've gone through into this tiny space of mine. :)

I'm entering my 5th semester in UKM, which means my final year is on! I'm a senior okeyhhh. woot woot. Looking at the i-know-nothing-here-and-i'm-lost kinda face of the freshies, it reminds me of how innocent my looks were when I first stepped my feet at the hostel and faculty. hahaha Time flies so very fast and oh god, I'm 21 now?? I still pull my sister's hair when we got a cat fight! wink wink ;)

Despite Portugal's defeat and Ronaldo's defect during this year's World Cup, plus the confession he has made to media that he's now a father to a son, I still adore him. I bluff if I say I didnt disappointed with his sort of awful performance at the moment, but I know he knows that fact too. So yeah, I'm quite convinced by his all-time aura, that he'll wake up real soon. Hopefully issues will turn out awesome by the time Spanish League kicks its ass after the curtain falls down for 2010's World Cup.

Its already almost 2 hours passed 12am and my class starts later at 8. Gosh. Its 8am on monday?? Couldnt the system understand humans? No no no, I couldnt feel my head nodding.

p/s: to all my Chinese readers, if u guys wanna leave ur comments, could you please write them in Malay or English? I cant understand Mandarin or any other languages other than those two I first mentioned. I'm so sorry, its my bad. Thank you.

shafura onn. 120710. kolej ungku omar, ukm bangi.

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