Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Final day of my bornday month. I am now 22 years and 13 days.

Yesterday was fine, and the evening was hell awesome. I fed on bird’s nest drink and it was mouth-watering. Grateful enough to be given one bottle as a token of visiting KAV’s lab, I guess. Hahaha ;)

Later in the evening wasn’t so beautiful I assumed. Out of sudden, I didn’t feel well. Aches conquered all over my body, signs I might be having fever. Few weeks ago, I had a medical leave for the similar expected disease. I didn’t finish the pills given, so yeah. The virus/bacteria weren’t killed completely, and they strike again now.

If possible, I really want to avoid taking leave from my internship coz I did it once before and I felt so wrong and uneasy. Yes, I don’t feel like doing it again.
I’ve gotten some SGD for my Singapore trip this weekend; I really hope I can make it with a healthy physique.

Too many things happened and I couldn’t just grade them as coincidences. I think the time has come. Their love gradually changed me. Allah Dear Almighty, please, award me some inner strengths.

I’ve decided to not love MU or soccer any longer (but I might still be watching World Cup I guess). And I’m teaching myself to stop admiring Ronaldo or whoever. He’s still one handsome guy and I’d probably melt if I meet him. Haha But yeah, I feel it’s enough now. I’m not hating what I’ve loved before, I just wanna minimize the interest. Don’t worry people, I won’t slaughter you if you wanna talk about the sport; and I’ll be listening. :D

Currently playing, Perpisahan Ini from Aizat ft. First Edition.

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Friday, June 24, 2011

sing-along je lah jawabnya, bukan spore

Seriously weyh, gua nak sangat pergi Singapore. walaupun terpaksa mengorbankan impian wa nak beli bb. :'(

Tapi kan, macam gua pernah cakap, tukar rm500 baru dapat 203 SGD. Not even half. :(

Gua ingat nak pergi sana sebab nak cari baju raya, kira nak jalan2 ah, singapore tengah sale skang. Then wa ngan member2 pun beriya-iya nak g next week. Kitorg nak pergi dua hari, so kena overnite sana. Kitorg usha lah HOTEL kat sana. Bapaklah mahal oiii. Kalau dah 2++ SGD, tukar duet ringgit dah jd bp kan. So bila dah divide 5, kuranglah mahal but still mahal jugak. Transportation and accommodation je dah almost 100 SGD sorang, tak termasuk fee atau game kat sentosa island tu ha. So tinggal 100 lagi je nak makan and beli barang. Dapat beli stokin je lah jwbnya. Wa xnk habiskan semua duet kat sana, nanti wa miskin lah di bumi sendiri. ecehh

Then kan, ktorg usha HOSTEL, ala yang duduk mcm kat dorm asrama tu. Memang ada yang murah, tp jauh dari city. Dah jumpa dekat dgn city, dia mixed dorm pulak, campur laki perempuan. So x bolehlah kan. Then dah jumpa yg female je, akak gua kata hostel x berapa nak selamat sebab duduk ramai2. Kalau dorm besar, ktorg akan duduk ngan orang luar so bahaya sbb mana tau ada orang bawak dadah ke, nanti satu dorm kena. Then dia kata hostel tu x besar mana, ada double-decker beds je. ruang solat xde. Toilet kat luar. Toilet tu wa x kesah, tp yg wajib ni wa kesah sket. Sbb dia kata even nak cari surau dlm shopping complex kat sana pun susah. Wa buntu haihhh.

Banyak sgt kena fikir and settlekan, wa pun xtau ktorg ni jd g sana ke x. =.=

Borak punya borak, bapak wa kata g batam je sebab bila tukar rupiah, boleh jadi kaya dapat juta2. Tapi g sana kena naik bot lah. HAHAHA *ketawa dlm kesedihan memikirkan adakah impian akan jadi kenyataan*

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

How did my eyesbrows meet

It has been two days watching The Arrival. And there are some parts of it that almost make my both eyebrows meet. Some left me with big question marks on my mind. Knowing that Dajjal were the ones conquering Britain and US before and soon, Israel, makes me speechless. I was left with lots of unsolved miseries, especially issues associated with political power and throne.

I’ve learned history when I was in secondary school, and The Arrival told a lot about World War II. And yes, I had a bad memory; I couldn’t recall what I’ve learned about it. And the series are talking about World War III that’s gonna happen (if Allah wills it) between two groups; the ones who believe in One God and the ones who believe in Satan (they believe God is only an illusion and human can be God). Surprisingly, the WWIII isn’t between monotheistic faiths (eg: Islam, Christian, and so forth) which I always assumed. Then I think back. Why the monotheistic faiths aren’t collide on each other like what we’ve been planting on (what we see today is hatred on different religion)? Back to basic, monotheistic faiths were initially from a belief that the truth is, there has only one God and one message behind all the true religions. A true believer should believe in the messages by Moses (Nabi Musa), Jesus (Nabi Isa) and Nabi Muhammad are the same message, that is there’s only ONE religion. But why there are so many differences between these religions? And the worst part is, why there’s no unity between the sects of same monotheistic faiths? Because the original Holy Torah (Kitab Taurat) is replaced by The Talmud which was written by men (false messenger) in Babylon. And The Talmud has some missions. A part from it is to dig beneath the Holy Aqsa (Masjid Al-Aqsa) to retrieve the buried treasure. And what is the buried treasure? Ia adalah buku-buku amalan sihir yang diajar oleh syaitan kepada manusia sewaktu zaman pemerintahan Nabi Sulaiman. This digging was already achieved centuries ago. And the ones who did it are the ones we now know as THE FREEMASONS, dan ilmu sihir ini ialah asas iluminati yang memuja syaitan dan percaya bahawa dajjal ialah nabi penyelamat akhir zaman. Tetapi, ilmu sihir ini tidak lagi ditulis. Where can we find them? Symbols (eg: one eye on US dollar), rituals and architecture (eg: pyramid with 13 levels). Wasn’t this what Satan had asked from Allah? Untuk menyesatkan manusia?

Like I said earlier, some of the truths left me with the big "how" and "why". Too many information at one time almost made my eyes twisted and yeah, I had headache. Maybe I think too much. And because of that, I called my buddy. I talked to them. One of them, Salma, who had already watched the series gave me advises. She reminded me not to “consume” everything I’ve seen. Some need to be filtered. And she also suggested it’d be better if I read reviews made by ustaz concerning the series.

I haven’t finished watching the episodes yet. I need some breaks so I won’t rupture my own brain blood veins. =.=

Have u ever heard of the Wake-Up Project? It’s a series about The Divine Book, Kitab Tuhan. And that is non-other than The Holy Quran. I’ve done watching the first episode, another nine to go. I hope this one is easier to understand. :)

Have work. Take care people! :D

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Sunday, June 12, 2011

It felt so good. :)

Kalau kita sukakan seseorang, jangan beritahu si dia. Nanti Allah kurangkan rasa cinta kita padanya. Sebaliknya, luahkanlah pada Allah, beritahulah Allah. Allah maha tahu siapa jodoh kita.”

When I read this, I was smiling and smiling all over my face. Hahaha Idk. I quoted this from The Other Khairul's blog and I found it so very meaningful. The surface of this phrase is ordinary but the way it conveys the importance of acknowledging the lordship of Allah The Almighty is just...incredible.

Yeah. Lately, I've been thinking about jodoh and life in the future - what I'm gonna indulge in - I might end up doing things I love or hate, whom I'd be married to, etc. Thats the reason why I felt so relieved when I found the quote above. Omg. I just couldnt stop smiling! :D

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Friday, June 10, 2011


One of my weaknesses, I couldnt hold temptations or what I feel like doing.

#1 If I feel like cutting my hair, I'd go straight away to the hairdresser, even if there's an exam on the next day. I did this when I was in my 4th term.

#2 I only had about 2 hours break, and I went to a shopping mall which its one-way was around 40 mins journey. I bought things I wanted and headed back to campus. Yes, I rushed. I should have waited for the weekend shouldnt I?

#3 I'm tired and in need of good sleep. But all I can think of while lying on the bed is surfing the internet over few things. Yes, I'd get up and do it though I'm bloody tired. If my mind is actively thinking of something, I couldnt get these eyes closed. Just like now.

Fund for spending: Ik.

I'm torn between a blackberry and walks in Singapore. I browsed through websites and I'm hell interested in blackberry bold. But the price range is beyond my limit (the ones with prepaid). Even if its within (the ones with postpaid), the package includes a contract for 2 years with a monthly payment for at least 100 bucks, without exceeding on any of internet, calls and other limits. Lately, I've been thinking of converting my cell line to Celcom if I succeeded in buying this smartphone. I asked my friend if she's happy to be one of bb users. She doesnt seem excited becoming one, she said it is just ordinary. Ok now, I'm at my wits ends.

There comes Singapore. JB is kinda next-door to this republic and unfortunately, I havent got to go loitering around it yet! I only stepped into its airport, as a transit to Sydney on 2009. My clicks are planning on having a short-three-day-vacation in this Lion City on this July. But I can only make it on weekend as I'm completing my internship now. So yeah, I just dont know how since its complicated to meet up everybody's schedule. And since the currency now is 1 SGD = 2.44247 MYR, I'd only get about 205 dollars for 500 malaysian bucks. Its not even half! whatthefish! The rate is high isnt it? We should have planned for Indonesia instead. *sigh*

But Singapore is now having their sales until 24th of July. >.<

You know what? I'm thinking of going there tomorrow! But most of my clicks arent here. I've never been there, and I'm unable to make it alone. :(

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Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I've always wished, always, that I could change or re-do those unwanted life scenes, just like how it shows on movies and dramas. You may be planning to cross the ocean, but tsunami strikes without the warning. So, plan for the best and expect for the worst. Thats life. We're slaves, we know nothing. Thats the reason why we can only sketch the drawings as we're given the pencils, brushes and paints, (yes, all of our senses) but the uniqueness behind them are determined by the only one who knows the best, Allah the Almighty.

Frankly speaking, I'm very much disappointed right now. But I guess, one's comfort zone doesnt last forever, does it?

Knowing that my instinct on April 3rd wasnt right is painful. To acknowledge something I've never imagined before is indeed unbearable.

It isnt an easy task to convince myself that there's blessing in disguise. But I have to try it whole-heartedly. Allah kan akan makbulkan permintaan kita, though sometimes we didnt get what we prayed for. Yes, He gives what we NEED instead of what we WANT. He knows best afterall. Trust Him, u'll get to see the rainbow after the rain. :D

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