Sunday, April 18, 2010


it has been days since I last shitted on the previous post. life's good, and it couldnt be any greater. since my next two papers will be on another week, I guess its time for me to unwind a bit. alahaiii, cakap macam study banyak jek. did u forget that u slept for 12 hours last night? ;P

these are things I've been thinking/doing for the past 8 days:

1. I've been watching U'RE BEAUTIFUL like timesss. and I even memorized the scripts. not all, but only those I love hearing. :)

2. I've fallen in love, no, I guess its still early, thus I decided to put them only on my crush list. they're Jang Geuk Suk, Nicholas Hoult and Yoann Gourcuff. the 1st heart-melter is a Korean actor (oh I love looking at his angry face!), the 2nd hunk is an actor from 'The Clash of the Titans' and the last one is a footballer for France National Team. I guess I'd be voting for Portugal (Ronaldo in there) and France too for World Cup 2010, due to this new discovery of Mars creature.

3. I've downloaded songs as well as lyrics sang by JGS. as its written in Korean language, my tongue seems to meet my teeth everytime I try to sing along winamp. :-D

4. I've decided I'll do what I ought to do. when the right time comes, I'll definitely give it a shot. I must.

5. I dreamt of my used-to-be crush. he was beaten by culprits from my U. it didnt make any sense, did it? and to those who can actually rise meanings out of this dream plz shout out your comments ya. ;P

shafura onn. 2.46 am, 19/4/10. ukm,bangi.


  1. ha~ mak sihir dari mars datang neh. cucu nak tafsir mimpi kan? meh mak tgk jap...

    maknenyer, nanti dier mmg kene beat off crap out of him cam gile. pastu ko datang bergayut ala2 tarzan dari celah2 pokok kak ukm. and then segerombolan monyet juga dari universiti yg samer akan datang sbg back-up. and then crush tu terselamat. datang lak segerombolan orang nak meminang yg sesat tak jumpa umah dan2 tros meminang ko buat si crush.

    the end~

    pengerasnya maner cu? nenek tak la memilih, stakat mcD masa kuar end of this week ok gak~ hehe...

    p/s: ko kuar tak ngan hata n tikah?

  2. hahaha well-exxagerated explanation! part yg meminang tu sgt la diharapkan menjadi kenyataan. haha ;P

    hmmm. not sure lagik. hopefully I can make it.

    yep2. aku mmg owe u mcD! i'll treat u one. :)

  3. i like this movie very much. go mi nan cute!