Thursday, July 22, 2010

bila bosan bebel sorang-sorang

I’m listening to Michael Buble’s Havent Met U Yet while writing this out. Gosh. Life’s so boring when u cant get urself connected to society. In my case, 1 hour seems to have more than 100 mins when the internet connection fails to meet its way to my room. And somehow, I could feel myself kinda lost recently. The unsure feelings of unknown reasons have made my day far more complicated I guess. Then, suddenly, out of nowhere, this came to my mind ‘’ Heyyyyy! Wake up dude! U’re 21 and u’ve sort of given up on ur life?? Come on! Life’s easy as ABC! Hell yeah! ’’

Tomorrow, the 23rd of July, I’m going to pahang for the ___th time. Seems like I failed to recall. The crew will be departed late in the evening and from my calculation, we’ll be arriving at midnight. Ahhhh. I’m gonna be exhausted the very nexy day. Can a degree be done in a simplier method? How I wish that to be a reality.

I saw my crush just now. So what did I do then? No no…u guys are guessing wrongly, I didn’t fall in front of him nor say this ‘’ I lost my number, can I have yours?’’. I just stalked him from far. Eh, wait. Was it stalking if u just had a look at a person the same way u did to others? Coz I wasn’t hiding behind walls or wearing all-black! Pppffftttt.

Now the winamp is playing Eenie Meenie by Justin Bieber ft. Sean Kingston. Haaaaa…Who the hell said I love JB?? NOOOO WAYYYYY! Hahahaha..but it is undeniable that his songs are capable of getting us (YOU & ME, don’t bluff urself. haha) carried away. ‘’ Baby, baby, baby, baby, baby nooo..I thought u’d always be mine..’’ ;))

I dreamt of my crush last nite. No no, not the one I mentioned above. This was my crush two years back, and he’s one of my buddy. Yeah…its ‘friend with feelings’ kinda thing. But I left my words of saying ‘’ I like u’’ unspoken. I wasn’t brave enuf, I didn’t want to put our friendship on risk. And I learned a lesson. U never know if u don’t give it a shot. Life’s short, its better to be hurt than feel nothing at all.

Enuf of crapping. Get back to ur business, shafura. Yes, u need sufficient sleep. ;P

Shafura onn. 0051. 230710. Kolej ungku omar, UKM bangi.