Saturday, May 8, 2010

just blah.

While writing this out, my heart seems to be in mess. I have uncertainties, I’m very much confused.

You, who texted me about an hour ago, could you please leave the situation as it is now?

I know and am very well aware that you’ve done good things to me, you did sacrifice for me, and no doubt you once taught me what happiness was all about. But I’ve moved on since you last appeared months ago. And I know that’s the best for me since “being us” is a big NO-NO. Thus, I’m begging you to really take your steps away from me. Stop appearing in front of me or stay invisible if you can coz I don’t want to hear from you and I really don’t want to see you any longer. Please, get it.

I'm not hating you but you're making things harder for me, haven’t u realised that?

shafura onn. 2.17 am, 9/5/10. bandar baru UDA, johor bahru.


  1. nama saya syamito. saya suka tgk pura marah. dier nmpk seksi. awww~ hahaha~

  2. auwww thanx, thats so sweeettt of u. I'll take that as a compliment. wuuhuuu ;P