Thursday, July 22, 2010

bila bosan bebel sorang-sorang

I’m listening to Michael Buble’s Havent Met U Yet while writing this out. Gosh. Life’s so boring when u cant get urself connected to society. In my case, 1 hour seems to have more than 100 mins when the internet connection fails to meet its way to my room. And somehow, I could feel myself kinda lost recently. The unsure feelings of unknown reasons have made my day far more complicated I guess. Then, suddenly, out of nowhere, this came to my mind ‘’ Heyyyyy! Wake up dude! U’re 21 and u’ve sort of given up on ur life?? Come on! Life’s easy as ABC! Hell yeah! ’’

Tomorrow, the 23rd of July, I’m going to pahang for the ___th time. Seems like I failed to recall. The crew will be departed late in the evening and from my calculation, we’ll be arriving at midnight. Ahhhh. I’m gonna be exhausted the very nexy day. Can a degree be done in a simplier method? How I wish that to be a reality.

I saw my crush just now. So what did I do then? No no…u guys are guessing wrongly, I didn’t fall in front of him nor say this ‘’ I lost my number, can I have yours?’’. I just stalked him from far. Eh, wait. Was it stalking if u just had a look at a person the same way u did to others? Coz I wasn’t hiding behind walls or wearing all-black! Pppffftttt.

Now the winamp is playing Eenie Meenie by Justin Bieber ft. Sean Kingston. Haaaaa…Who the hell said I love JB?? NOOOO WAYYYYY! Hahahaha..but it is undeniable that his songs are capable of getting us (YOU & ME, don’t bluff urself. haha) carried away. ‘’ Baby, baby, baby, baby, baby nooo..I thought u’d always be mine..’’ ;))

I dreamt of my crush last nite. No no, not the one I mentioned above. This was my crush two years back, and he’s one of my buddy. Yeah…its ‘friend with feelings’ kinda thing. But I left my words of saying ‘’ I like u’’ unspoken. I wasn’t brave enuf, I didn’t want to put our friendship on risk. And I learned a lesson. U never know if u don’t give it a shot. Life’s short, its better to be hurt than feel nothing at all.

Enuf of crapping. Get back to ur business, shafura. Yes, u need sufficient sleep. ;P

Shafura onn. 0051. 230710. Kolej ungku omar, UKM bangi.

Friday, July 16, 2010


hye everyone! hope u guys are doing great, just like myself having extremely enjoyable moments for two days recently. And what were the things I up to then?

1. First and foremost, I'd like to announce that my 1st ever watching live performance was on 140710! hahaha this enables me to remember that the joy happened when I was 21, the age everybody seems to wait for, the green light of freedom I personally think. And the almost 2.5 hour-kind-of-concert was SHOWDOWN 2010, the reality tv show aired on 8tv every Wed at 9.30pm. Its concept was all about the art of dancing and most of the contestants are capable of performing break dances and what not. They had different challenges based on a particular theme every week, out of which they gradually transformed from bboys to dancers. And yes, they had to struggle a lot as their creativity and originality were put on tests.

Initially, there were 12 crews which were eliminated every single week until they became the final 3. And they were GILLER BATTLE CREW (GBC), wakaka and floor fever. My obvious support is to of course, the one and only, GBC! They lost to wakaka crew in the final battle, but still, I'm so very proud of them. They are the truth, authentic, outstanding and fierce. I just cant stop loving them! :D

These were the proofs I was there in KL LIVE, watching the show live.

GBC were the ones in red

with my fav on the show, bboy juicy.

the wall of Showdown 2010. Eliminated groups crossed their names off the wall.

free pass. thanks kak jannah!

2. Secondly, on the very next day, I had a makeover and photo shoots done by Clinique as they conducted a promotion in UKM. Just by 30 bucks, I got free lip gloss, a serum, and rm50 voucher of Salon Esprit in Pavilion KL. The picture taken is for own keep anyhow. Coz it was a way too different from my usual self. hahaha *malu*

GBC will be performing at Ampang Point tomorrow and I'm not sure of attending coz it has been a busy week for me. Yes, I'm exhausted but GBC needs their supporters after they got defeated. Should I or shouldnt I go?

shafura onn. 160710. 1942. kolej ungku omar, UKM.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Suddenly the idea of writing this popped out of my head couple of minutes ago due to some critical thinking.

I personally feel that every first of everything is difficult as the list goes as follows:

1. the FIRST few months of infancy is so very crucial as it determines the development of a baby. No, I'm not saying this because I'm a mother; it is way in the future. Ouh, I've been accidentally bumped into so many kids lately!

2. FIRST love is always hard to forget. It has never been easy for anyone; I mean a real true love, not a puppy one.

3. FIRST move can never be done without having butterflies in the stomach, regardless of both genders. Mars' creatures love women who take this as a challenge coz it is the only way of knowing how hard it is for men, but somehow, I can’t convince myself to try it, maybe not for now.

4. FIRST day of every experience tests your physical, intellectual and emotional capabilities. The unknown possibilities when u first entered a kindergarten, the will of fasting when u first met ur Ramadhan, the anxiousness of getting through an interview or a licence, or even a small conversation with ur future mother-in-law. All these need courage, confidence and a perfect mindset, no matter if u're 5 or 26. Age doesnt matter, but maturity does.

5. FIRST heartbreak has usually been a nightmare for everyone who's suffering from it. It might be an excellent start if ur partner is an abusive drug-addict or someone who checks the calories in every meal u eat. But it can also be an inhibitor to a happy life if the breaking does not end in a good way as news have few times covered suicidal out of depressions.

My eyes are half-opened and the bed's calling. Guten nacht people. See you guys real soon, if we ever meet again.

shafura onn. 140710. 0135. kolej ungku omar, UKM bangi.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

how are you, dear peeps?

Ola beautiful people! Its been a month since I last wrote something here and now I'm back! ohh I miss doing stuff I love and finally nothing's gonna stop me from portraying all that I've gone through into this tiny space of mine. :)

I'm entering my 5th semester in UKM, which means my final year is on! I'm a senior okeyhhh. woot woot. Looking at the i-know-nothing-here-and-i'm-lost kinda face of the freshies, it reminds me of how innocent my looks were when I first stepped my feet at the hostel and faculty. hahaha Time flies so very fast and oh god, I'm 21 now?? I still pull my sister's hair when we got a cat fight! wink wink ;)

Despite Portugal's defeat and Ronaldo's defect during this year's World Cup, plus the confession he has made to media that he's now a father to a son, I still adore him. I bluff if I say I didnt disappointed with his sort of awful performance at the moment, but I know he knows that fact too. So yeah, I'm quite convinced by his all-time aura, that he'll wake up real soon. Hopefully issues will turn out awesome by the time Spanish League kicks its ass after the curtain falls down for 2010's World Cup.

Its already almost 2 hours passed 12am and my class starts later at 8. Gosh. Its 8am on monday?? Couldnt the system understand humans? No no no, I couldnt feel my head nodding.

p/s: to all my Chinese readers, if u guys wanna leave ur comments, could you please write them in Malay or English? I cant understand Mandarin or any other languages other than those two I first mentioned. I'm so sorry, its my bad. Thank you.

shafura onn. 120710. kolej ungku omar, ukm bangi.