Tuesday, February 9, 2010

i cant think what the title shud be

i once asked my buddy," how did u manage to make ur own wake-up call without being pushed by others? u urself did it. i mean how could u be so sure about terminating ur relationship with ur bf (now ex-bf) though u know it aint gonna be easy as abc as it has been a year plus companion? ". she answered, " i remembered every single hurt he made to me. there's never been give and take, and i was the one who gave in all the time. i got tired and there's a limit to everything. it was when i couldnt take it any longer. thats it. thats really it. i called our relationship a day ever since then."

conveying the same message as the above situation, BOF ( i'm not promoting it just because i've been hypnotized by KHJ ), gives me a similar lesson which goes this way - one thing i ought to do by now, is to exactly know what i really want/say out of something or to fight for my needs for instance, a relationship ( whether to choose friends or partner ). or how to ignore destructive unnecessary comments from people i hate. it'd be good too if i can straight away smash those culprits with harsh words.

for the time being, i'm on efforts to avoid from indulging myself towards no-nonsense stuff. instead of being a risk-taker, i prefer not to give a shot on uncertain things. i know there's always a sunshine in every fall, but its a real pleasure to be able to be in my own comfort zone cause i'll never know when it'll be ended. instead of being a problem-seeker just to satisfy own's curiosity and some people say, necessity, it'd be awesome if i left the future to Him. of course He knows the best in every creature He created. thats what i'm gonna do now - FTF.

FTF stands for followtheflow.

future better person,
shafura onn.

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