Tuesday, April 27, 2010

2nd yr, stop!

yesterday marked a stop to my 2nd-yr journey in UKM. and of course, I was overwhelmed to the fact that I'll be entering my final yr next sem! omg, time flies damn so fast. I was packing my things when I saw a temporary student card which was used during my orientation week last 24 months. the nerdy innocent face of mine was clearly portrayed on that. oh, I cant hold my laughs anymore! haha

nevertheless, despite being extremely ecstatic and anxious of becoming a final-year student, deep inside, I personally think that my period of enjoying my days has also officially ended by now. I didnt play much during my first two semesters here as I was still adapting to new environment, new friends and what not. as for next 270 days starting early July this yr, there's no time for lepak-ing in the malls or going nuts while watching EPL anymore coz doing thesis can really pull ur hair upwards and I bet I'll be on the go all the time. It may sound like a white lie coz of course, I personally am unable to resist doing those two, but like I've been told earlier by some lecturers and seniors, thesis-making is so very complicated. thus, I guess my time for other less necessary things will be limited.

I've done 70% of clearing my stuff out of the closet and I'll be in my hometown, InsyaAllah by tomorrow. it has been a while since I last met my sisters and I really miss them. and I miss everything in jb- home, ma, abah, tokyem, toknah, food and even my topsy-turvy room! the messiness in there makes my heart grows even fonder. haha :D

oh god! I just found out about a second ago that my crush has chopped down his hair! he is now bald! I repeat, BALD! waaaa, I cant imagine! and I dont want to! haha

shafura onn. 2.59 pm, 28/4/10. kolej ungku omar,ukm,bangi

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