Tuesday, August 25, 2009

pubby crew in memoirs

ok. i'm super-duper aware that blog is supposed to be updated. bt frankly speaking, my life seems to be very damn bz, i bet it is much more busier than najib's or zeti aziz's (they hv so-called secretary and assistants). fyi, i've bn indulged in numbers of activities for the past couple of months and the one that has consumed soooo much of my valuable time + energy + sacrifices was pestakonvo. i was in publicity crew since the start of short sem last may. during perkampungan- the term given for a period of time used for all the preparations needed in those events that are listed in pestakonvo, i left my room at 8am and came back at 3am. at the edge of pestakonvo which was held on 12-18th aug 09, i cud only sleep at about 5am. i was restless and the exhausting part was undescribable. starting from banner painting to the hanging of banting and also looking for reporters whom i didnt even know how they looked like, all these hv left marks in my journey here in UKM. i can hardly forget those experiences, both good and bad.

but one thing for sure, my pubby crew was indeed an awesome one! zu,tika,paan,amer,jo,ain,arifah,farah and zati. thank u so very much for making a better version of my days. and sorry if i've ever made wrongdoings to any of u. :)

pubby crew in memories:-

---> we both look fine n gd together rite? hehe :p

thats all for now. i cnt spend my day typing shit over here. :P

shafura onn.

Monday, August 3, 2009

tasik chini in memory

i was off to tasik chini last weekend for my course fieldwork. so many things to get done in time and it was indeed a memorable experience to hv a second visit to pahang. from abundance of tasks, the one that i enjoyed the most was a trip to the lake itself as I was able to be in a boat for the very 1st time in my life. though it was damn scary (the boat wasnt like the one in titanic, it was small n unstable) the few minutes my legs reached its base, the situation gradually changed when boat conductor started our journey. here are the crimes of the events as whole.

shafura onn.