Saturday, March 20, 2010

now, who's next?

When it comes to a battle, I always fail to accept being defeated, at least from the eyes of public. And the loudness of my man-like voice has been a tool for my ‘enemies’ to measure how furious I am during tongue-tied, even though at some points, the high pitch of me doesn’t indicate anything, including my emotions.

The only that can portray the exact feelings I’m having is my face. And anger is the most hardest for me to hide. I’m quite a hot-tempered person, so everytime someone blows my top, I can feel blood rushing through my veins in higher speed than usual, causing instant redness of my face. So if u succeeded in making me to stop talking the minute after u said something, u definitely have increased my BP as my anger reflects in two ways, its either I turn quiet or worst, I cry.

My zodiac sign shows a twin, in simpler words, double personality. My moods change in seconds – u can see me laughing my ass out and u can also see me crying my eyes out 5 seconds later. Its easy to make me lose control, so, anyone up next?

What people don’t know about me is, no matter how hard it seems to see me raising a white flag, deep inside, like any other mankind, I do surrender. Maybe my fierce face doesn’t agree, but I’m still a Venus’s creature who is affected by an oestrogen, asking me to slow and cool down a little bit, and say “ u’re right and I’m done and off.” Its true but its rarely happening in public, as its what my heart says, not mouth. everyone hates to be a loser, but that doesnt mean they never be. right? :D

love battling,
shafura onn.