Friday, October 22, 2010

its the time of the month

Dear Almighty,

I know I'm far from You. I'm aware that I'm only looking for You when I'm in trouble or when I need of something. I'm Your slave but I dont look like one, am I?

Only You know how I feel. All that I'm encountering right now is Your gift. And I'm very much grateful for that. Coz I believe, its a test for me, so that I wont stray far from u.

Therefore, I'm seeking for Your bless and sympathy to detach this feeling away. I'm intensely confused. And I couldnt hold it any longer. I thought I'm strong, but I'm not.

Ya Allah, Kau yang memberi dan Kau juga yang mengambilnya sekiranya itu mahuMu. Ambillah kembali perasaan sedih ini. Amin.

Shafura Onn. 231010. 0135. Kolej Ungku Omar, UKM Bangi.

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