Sunday, December 14, 2008

my thoughts

i was born to be jbrian and i really2 love my origin,,,i visited kl last two days and frankly speaking,i don think i like kl that much…maybe i don have enough time and opportunity to discover a whole lot there but i’m pretty sure that i don like kl as much as i adore jb…to me,kl promise you a great life especially in terms of entertainment but there’s one thing that is often missing in that area-PRIVACY…it is lacking as time goes by,,everybody’s lives are drowned in the hustle and bustle of the city and there’s only a word to describe the situation-HECTIC!i don speak..actually write on behalf of celebrities or public figures but privacy is something very precious for me coz nowadays,irresponsible humans are interrupting other people’s business as much as they’s shameful…however,there was something that surprised me…i was having a dinner with my family at one of the restaurants in Ampang when two teenagers holding their guitars appeared out of nowhere..i assumed they were 17/18 years old,,but they were very talented!they served us with quite a number of songs and the arrangements were pretty awesome!i gave them credits!haha..1 more thing,the workers at the restaurant were very understanding and full of consideration!when the boys came,they slowed down the radio volume so that the kids can perform…wonderful job!if not,we can guess that the boys would be chased away,poor thing.

i’m done with my story of visiting kl…hmmm…i went out juz now and had my dinner at kfc,,it reminds me of tangkak..haha..when i was eating,there was a couple and the guy was so cute and sweet!!i don get to see the lady but she is so lucky to be with that guy!that’s for sure!hik7 =p

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