Sunday, December 14, 2008

aqua blue eyes

it was wednesday when i went to metro kajang (cm komtar klau kt jb) with my friend..i woke up at almost 10 am-i skipped classes (biodiversity and fundamental bio molecules) and i cant think of other things-except for food..therefore,i asked my friend to accompany myself having lunch at kfc-i’m bored with the meals offered in the cafe..i was lucky because my friend wanted to purchase a pair of glasses..we arrived there at about noon and we went straight away to an optical shop-ct checked her eyes power and chose the best glasses she could find.ct paid 20 bucks as downpayment and we quickly ran to kfc to have some bites!
with stomaches filled with rice,crispy chicken,tortilla and ice lemon tea juice,we walked slowly (we actually gasped for air) to focus point as i suddenly thought of buying contact lenses..i wanted to buy the green colour one but the stock wasnt we went back to metro kajang which situated a stone’s throw from focus point..

at england optical,the shop’s assistant persuaded me to buy a pair of brown contact lenses as it fit exactly with the power i needed for my eyes..but i wanted the green one!then,she gave me a pair of blue lenses that possessed almost the same power i needed..i tried both-blue and green(less power). eventually,i made up a decision..i bought the blue one-aqua blue to be exact..but i’m not sure why they turned out to be green in my primary pic.

i’m wearing them now.and i don wanna detach them from my eyes..haha =p

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