Sunday, December 14, 2008

exams + man utd + ronaldo + arsenal

well, it has been a fortnite since i last posted my blog..that was a private one.huhu
ok.let’s start off with this- i couldnt believe that i would have to face such cruel realities. first, i have exams on weekend! i mean both saturday and sunday! ouh gosh! i know this is what i ought to face when i entered university..but, come on..can realities be more considerable?? at least give me a break, man…

but what really put my anger yet sadness thru my veins was the horrible match between arsenal and man utd! frankly speaking, i’m a big furious fan of the red devils and i couldnt believe that they would perform that way! i mean they really gave chances to arsenal boys to possess the game during the first half! like adding salts to the wound, ronaldo played so bad that i felt like throwing bottles to him! i really2 loved ronaldo,,i swear to god,my friends know this very well, but last nite’s match was probably the most awful game he contributed on field..i juz couldnt help my tears running thru my cheeks when finally the referee wistled, alarming the stop of the match which resulted a defeat to my was 2-1..i dont like arsenal, but i dont hate them either. therefore, i generously gave credits to nasri-whom i dont even familiar with, for netting both goals for the Gunners.

after watching the match, i seriously couldnt concentrate studying-i have chemistry exam the next day..actually, i was waiting anxiously for the game coz i havent watch epl and ronaldo for quite a few, when it ended that bad, i instantly lost my mood and i acted miserably..pan,u sure know this..thanx for calling and comforting me..i appreciate that.
i’m sure many of u would say that it was juz a match-of course there’ll be winners and losers,,blablabla….but to me, it’s still considered as only a game, but it affected me in real way. u just have to believe it..even when i answered the exam, i could still remember what was the match was hard for me to focus 100 % , but luckily it was all objective questions..if not, there’ll be possibilities that i might scatch down ronaldo’s name and draw man utd’s badge..huh

although i sounded like i really mad at man utd, but deep inside me,,i know it is the only football club i love.full stop.thus, i hope that they’ll find valuable lessons from the match..i really want them to retain both titles- epl and champs league- i want them to get back on their real track and plz,,don be so confident.
i’ll be sitting for ” hubungan etnik ” exam tomorrow..and i dont even touch the book..and most probably, i’d have to search for it-on the shelf, under my bed, in my begs, etc..ouh..that would be so tiring. and to memorize the concepts is another troublesome job.huh

it’s already 5.21pm now which means i’ve onlined for about 3 hours which means i have to stop..and start reading! start looking for them first..hahhaha =p

lol,shafuraa onn

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