Sunday, December 14, 2008

i've screwed up a very foolish thing ever! waaa!!

to salma and syamil,, i’m certain that both of u know this..wuuhuu

ok. lets begin my story with things that i ought to face for the last couple of days…my last exam was on 15th and i was actually planning to stay kl for few days..but when i got my stuff packed, i realized that it was so plenty for me to bring back home as i’ll be off my study schedule for my 5 weeks, starting from the 20th-but i wanted to blah from ukm early…i’ve to clear up my room the same way i entered it for the first time which means everything has to be out from it…i got most of my stuff into a very big bag which my mom used to perform her pilgrimage- u guys juz have to imagine how big it is,,and put it in a stor..but still there’re many things to bring back home- laptop, clothes, toiletries, makeups, etc…all together-3 bags! i couldnt believe that i have to angkut all these things,, nek train to seremban,, then buy a ticket back to jb..adoiii…what a very exhausting and tiring day i’d have to face…but thank god,,everything went so well, just according to my plan..alhamdulillah *relieved phase*…

before i forget to mention, hostelians are allowed to only locate at most of 4 boxes at the provided stor,,as for myself- the bag is actually bigger than the size of 4 boxes…however, i still didnt hv enough space to put my pail, pillows, hangers…xkn la nk bwk tu sme blk jb?? that wud be ridiculous! da la nek bus..huhu then my friend suggested a way to solve the only remained prob i had at that moment…* ting! i have a solution! put those things under my bed! haha =p hopefully the cleaners dont ever have a glance of thought to raise the tilam and see…………………i’m praying now…huhu

when i thought everything was ok,,it wasnt actually…i departed from ukm at about 11 am and went to the comuter station by cab..i bought a ticket to seremban as i wanted to take bus from there coz if i were to go to pudu, i’d have to buy 2 tickets, then change train..wif three heavy bags,,that wud be very troublesome…i arrived at seremban and i walked to the bus station..omg! it wasnt far but wif the bags,,i felt like it was 30 mins of walking… hands hurt,,they turned into red,,as if i have skin rashes…adoii..saket…i stopped a few times and eventually, i arrived there..i’m still alive..huu

now, its already 3 days i’m in jb, my first-greeted origin…i feel blessed to be here…dont want to go back to kl..unless it’s intended for shopping..huhu i’ve been eating like a zombie these days! omg! fried mee, mcd fried chicken, strawberry sundae, biscuits wif tuna, bread wif serunding, eggs, nuggets…u name it…seems like my stomach is expanding from days to days…my sister even asked me whether i have an engine-portion stomach…x phm sbnrnye,,tp layankn je…she said this too-’ kaw bce bismillah tak?’ hahaha i thought i’d be eating a lot only on exam week- burger and mee sup, 2 roti canai, etc…konon2 nk release tension..but, obviously i’m wrong..*sigh

ok..i’m gonna tell u bout one foolish thing i’ve screwed up just now…i signed up my ym so that i can chat, gossip as well as badmouth wif my friend…i changed my ym status into ‘ i miss him ‘ coz i mish my only crush..then there’s a guy whom i recently known from tagged- we did chat twice…he gave me a message saying ‘ miz me?’… i replied this-’ hahahha..a bit ‘…seriously i was juz joking! after a few moment, he remained silent and i didnt gv a damn to it coz i was really very buzy chatting with my buddies…few minutes later, i realized my caption for status! omg! bengang gle! adoii…x perasan la bende tuh td..da la dye one of my friends kt tagged…can somebody lend me a pail or a scarf or a mask maybe?? Waaa !!

so, the moral of the story is dont ever change ur ym status unless the ones that have already listed in the programme..haha =p

serves me rite, shafura onn

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