Sunday, December 14, 2008

beloved buddies know it!

to all my buddies,they surely know that i’m super-duper happy rite now!!hahaha…portugal won their 2nd match last nite and ronaldo scored 1!my fingers were all cold during the match!i was like so nervous especially for the last 25 mins,,,i really want them to make it and yeah…they’re the 1st team to reach the quarter-finals of euro’08..yup2…i’m so damn proud of them…hik7 =p

hmmm…i’ll off to kl tomorrow,,to visit my sister…when my parents told me bout their plan,,i wasn’t really have hearts to follow them to kl,,,but it’s kinda dangerous to stay home wif just my troublesome sis alone..haha..apparently,my feelings have changed drastically coz now i’m counting minutes to reach there!what a weird inside of me…

now it’s already 4 mins past 12,,,so i’ll be 19 years old in just about 5 days to go…i’m not sure bout my wishes this time around,,but i just wanna be happy for the rest of my life!!happiness is something that is so hard to achieve these days…and of course,,it’s due to numerous reasons…therefore,i’m on efforts of seeking things that can make my life feel like a bed of roses…how wonderful!

boredom can easily bring me to death!huhu…it’s almost two months at home and the phrase "penantian suatu penyeksaan" does make a sense…hopefully my patience will be paid off-i want the offer letter to pursue my studies!!insyaallah…


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