Friday, December 19, 2008

i really mish u guys!

these are memories i'd never allow to be trashes for the whole of my life. InsyaALLAH.

those in this pic are:-
haziq-fee's classm8,and also one of her besties.
tika,hanis,padmini-my beloved bees!
pojan-the funniest buddy!
shafiq-my football enemy,,he loves arsenal.
yani,aimie,pan-the bestest roomates one can hv!

to irena,i'd love to put ur pic here,,but i couldnt find one..isk isk

above and below are dedicated to life sc 22 07/08-u guys are awesome!

how i miss enjoying these moments last year! exception for the wonderful besties-we had a great time early this year!

lol,shafura onn


  1. it's ok pura.
    akuw slalu dihatimu kn kn kn.

    *dr aritu akuw terpk sape name budak indian klaw kaw dluw yg pandai tuw. padmini. thank god kaw state name dea sni.
    *i took the gamba of u n ur rm8s. cool ok. rindu korg.