Sunday, December 14, 2008

gv me 10 !!

ok. these are things that happened to me recently.

1. i don know why but i keep on saying the word ’sengal’…officially,it’s my fav. now.

2. i went to cs wif fee n atim, we watched ’selamat pagi cinta’ coz fee and i are fazura’s fans and atim was kinda forced to let herself watch that kind of story..haha =p but so was i when then we watched ‘quarantine’. i hate horror and scary movies but the yelling and screaming inside the hall were awesome! haha however,it’s gonna be my first and last 18SG movie i’d watch in cinema. yaaahh..most probably.

3. i’m in love with this so very hot starbucks’s guy! in terms of his outer look. haha =p i think it’s 3-4 times my frens and i walked in front of the shop. weee^^^

4. i bought a neck-let…it stands for necklace + bracelet.

5. frankly speaking, i think 97 % of my male friends in tagged can be considered as desperados…oops!! they are desperate and things get worst when they show u that they are really that desperate!

6. i watched ‘don forget the lyrics-singapore version’ and i hv a crush on hadi mirza! hahaha =p i did like him before, when he was in ’singapore idol season 2′- he actually won that competition…however, he’s not that famous compared to taufik batisah in Malaysia, so for moments i havent heard updates about him..but since i just watched him just now, i can conclude that i like him..hahaha =p

7. i seriously cant wait for ‘wildchild’ to be released here-it has been in Singapore…it will be on cinemas on the 4th of dec which is about 10 days to go..fee, this time around, i wanna buy beverages from starbucks! huuu although i love coffee bean more…

8. villareal 0, man utd 0- in champs league. as a result, i have to gv away my digits to a pal from tagged. he’s my fren in ym too. we bet this- if man utd win, i’d be able to tease- actually nganjing kalah him for a week..if the match ends up with a draw or if villareal win, i have to gv my numbers..since it was a draw, so……………………………..yaaahhh..serves me rite, rite? who asks you to bet.

9. i couldnt sleep yesterday, so i browsed my CLEO magazines and found one with my sister, J.LO as a cover…huuu i was attracted with this so very creative-made sequinned cap from deeper and harder…got to check out soon when i’m back to kl. though it was published last year, hope it’s still available.

10. as i’m doing this blog, someone is trying to piss me off! gth!

lol,shafura onn

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