Sunday, December 14, 2008

choral speaking

since my friends in UKM are countable-they are less than the sum of my hands and legs fingers that resulted in fewer stupid stuff to get involved,i let myself joined the choral speaking for "pesta konvokesyen" which was held from 6th-12th august,last week…it was pretty dull at first as only less than 15 people registered their names and things were getting more complicated for me because at that time,there were only two of first-year students in the list!the rest of them were 3rd-year students,taking the same course-TESL..and did i mention that they were all Sarawakians and have known each other for about 5 years??can u guys imagine myself to be in that group??

but the phrase "don’t judge a book by its cover" really makes sense…i thought i would be lost to be surrounded by ’strangers’,but i was wrong..although they differed from me ranging from age,origin,course,background,,,but i could sense myself happy to be having activities with them…as time passes by,we were getting a little bit closer…they told me about their families,Sarawak,life stories,etc…i’m happy that they are now my friends!

later,,a few of my 1st-year buddies joined in…farhanah-my course n blockmate,hur,zue-a girl of opposite door,cm…and still the only 1st-year-boy remained-afiq…all of us practised on monday and wednesday,,,but towards the competition which was held last sunday,we were practising almost every single day…

it was sunday.the day we were waiting for.we had the last updates of movements and tones that morning…at about 4 pm,we took a cab to "dewan gemilang" which is situated about 20 mins of’s quite far actually…when we arrived,,we had glances of what was happening there-numbers of stalls selling varieties of foods,brooches,clothes,t-shirts….and even pepper-sprays!!especially for ladies…=)) then,about 5.30 pm,we tested the microphones on the stage so that the performance would be smoothly done.

after maghrib,we had the make-ups done and gathered near the stage…we were all-blacked,with rubbish in our hands as our props…the participants from other colleges were wearing all sorts of costumes!!and their props were much2 greater than us!honestly,i felt so small at that time-not in terms of body size,but of course it was the matter of physicology-i was kinda emotionally abused!huhu

at about 9pm,the battle started with the opening performance from ‘kolej burhanuddin helmi’ which has won the competition twice…after that,it was our turn to take the centre of the stage.i was very nervous-as it expected,,but alhamdulillah,,everything went so well…we left the stage with smiles and quickly ran to "villa puaka" to have some fun! =))

it was 10.45pm when the announcement be made…we won the ‘best script’ award!!we were very happy-thanx to Alex!!then,when they announced that we were the 1st-runner ups,we were screaming and yelling!!oh my god!!it was unbelievable,,and the situation was undescribable!!we were on top of the world!we won throphies,hampers and 200 bucks!yeyy!!
we felt that all of our efforts were paid off..alhamdulillah..

this coming monday,which is 18th august,we will be performing in front of the Vice Chansellor of UKM-Prof.Dato Dr Sharifah Habsah Syed Hasan Shahabudin for a programme called ‘English Speaking Zone’…hopefully,everything will be just fun and fine…insyaallah…
to all my choral-speaking teammates,congratulations!!a big round of applause to u guys!!WE ARE AWESOME OMARIANS!! hahhaha =p

and all the besh for this coming monday…

lol,shafuraa onn

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