Sunday, December 14, 2008

he's super drop-dead gorgeous!

i went out to cs with aza,ezny and dd juz now…we intended to watch twilight but since ezny and I were having butterflies in our stomach,,actually not butterflies,,its bees performing a song,,alarming that we had to do the most precious thing in life-get some bites,,,and it was already 1.20 and the movie was going to kick-off at 1.45,,so we had no choice other than to watch WILDCHILD at 3.20..if u guys have read my last post, i really want to watch that, but i’ve promised feefe that i’ll be doing that wif her, next week..but i hv no other life savers. so, eventually, we bought the tickets and i hv to watch wildchild again next week.

but guess what? i’m counting days to catch the movie again! it was the 2nd movie i love after WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS! it was so damn hilarious and i feel like its worth my 6 bucks-we actually used student card to get discount,,it was supposed to be 10 bucks…the story line was pretty simple, yet it could still shift away my jaws to ground! i was laughing till i was kinda short of breath! luckily, i’m still alive. i am.

ok. now i’m super delighted to tell u bout what i’ve gone thru at the mall. i wrote about starbucks guy in my last post- i had glances of him few days ago and diz time around, i bought coffee-based caramel ice blended from him. the moment my friends and I entered the shop, we could sense his hot aura caressing our faces. seriously, he’s damn hot! i didnt know how come this happened, but i did pause when i was asking for a drink. i said “can i have caramel. then i stopped a few seconds..followed by ice blended…” luckily i wasnt having fluff in my mouth. seb baek x gagap. klau x………………drop-dead bengang! huuu he made my coffee, and i did ask for a paper bag, coz we are heading home at that time, and the drink was sorta cold to be held barehanded..he took a paper bag,opened it up and i was about to take it from him..but he took the drink from me, put it in the paper bag…waaa!! i’ve almost melted at that time! i’m not joking! then he asked where i’m from….blablabla…besh! for seconds, the song ‘when you look me in the eyes’ popping out of my mind…hahahaha =p looking at his face made me realise this-INDAHNYA CIPTAAN TUHAN…hikhik he was probably the hottest,gorgeous guy i’ve ever been spoke to. MOST PROBABLY.

until now, i cant get rid of his face shadowing my sight…however, if god’s will, i’m not going there again. i mean i’m trying not wud be so obvious if i were to be in there next week. i dont want to. hopefully i can resist my notty notorious desires…=p

lol,shafura onn

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