Sunday, December 14, 2008

letting him go

it is tuesday morning when i landed my laptop on my bed and scrolled down my fs page to add my blog..and it is about a week to Eid,which i’ve been counting for to come holiday started last saturday which enables me to spend the last week of ramadhan at my lovely hometown,johor bahru,wif all my beloved ones…

i learned quite a few things for the last 1 and a half years..and it’s true that life is what happen when u’re busy making ur for myself,i’ve got a lesson when accidentally lose someone i like to somebody else,whom adores him more than i do..and the song “the day u went away” by M2M keeps on loitering in my mind,leaving it restless…

“empty” by the click five is the situation i’m facing rite now..half of my clicks encourage me to forget him,,on the other hand,the remaining half say that i should not let him go if i really like him.i do have crush on him..but things are different now..he’s taken,far,possess all that complicate me to reach him.

i watched ”a lot like love” last sunday and i do hope that my story would end like the story the story,it took 7 years for the happy ending to take place..mine??no one can answer powerful device can give me clues and hints..only He knows how my days would be..

Ya Allah,please give me strength to face the obstacle that lies right in front of me..amin…

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