Sunday, December 14, 2008

he's gone! praying for henry to bump!

if i’m not mistaken,it was two days ago when i decided to detach him away from my A-list gadgets ranging from cell phone,fster and so forth…i’ve deleted his number,pics,msgs and what not..i really want to do this now.and i’m on efforts to do everything it takes to forget him.i’m sticking in the mud.i really am.

it’s not that easy to dump him away from my head.but he’s not that great,is he??i’m not going to let him stay in my virgin heart forever..he eventually has to be dead deep inside me.i dont care.i really dont.

to a great friend of mine,irena,thanks for recommending me the song by leona lewis-better in time..i knew the existence of that song before but i didnt gv a damn to it..however,i’ve downloaded it yesterday and even bluetoothed it to my’s in my A-list songs as i’m craving for determination and strength to forget my 1st crazy crush on someone.u know who.
i’m not sure what exactly encouraged me to do this.i dont have a new crush rite now,thats for sure..nevertheless,there’re few things happened to me lately..i’ve got new friends and there’s someone who caught my attention to knowing him better..but i’d never rush out my actions..he gave me his number,and i’m waiting for a very rite time to knock/greet his phone..=) i’ll follow my intuitions.

to my dearest buddies,thanks a lot 4 every single thing u’ve said/done for me..ur kindness can never be listed,ever..
i want to possess all the happiness one can achieve.and there’s always more sunshine for tomorrow.

i’m going to meet my friend on friday and we’re gonna go shopping at the midvalley!! oh god,plz let me bump to HENRY GOLDING!! huhu =p

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