Friday, December 26, 2008

going green is the new pink!

Feel like mixing east and west elements in penning out? here's how.

i celebrated x'mas with ezny- we went shopping some stuff as we're going back to kl this weekend. we had lunch in pizza hut-we ordered a regular island supreme pizza and we added on a lasagna. but surprisingly, my stomach got full after eating 2 pieces of pizza and a few bites of lasagna. i asked the waiter to pack the leftovers coz my sister was craving for that Italian food. he packed it in a paper bag, we paid the bill and went out of the sardine-like stomach filler.

we went up and down,right to left,back and forth to find things we were looking for. and out of the sudden, i decided to hv a look at the plastic bags. i found out that the pizza was on top of the lasagna-the paper bag didnt hv a square base,so the hardened pizza(masuk angin da time tu) crushed on the lasagna and it went all over the bag! bende tu penyek, melekat-lekat and da xde rpe lasagna! bengang btol! waiter tu sengal la..da tawu lasagna tu lembik,dye ltk kt bawah,kne hempap ng pizza plak tuh. what worst was that the double were being put in a paper bag! np la x letak dlm kotak?? they ran out of boxes ke tyme tuh?? huh. that bag went into a bin eventually.

i went back and told my sister what had happened. pity eQa..dye nk sgt makan bende alah tuh..but she went out too that day. siap mkn kt season lg...huhu and start from today onwards, my dislike dishes would include lasagna. i discovered that the moment i saw it became a mess. actually mse kt pizza lg i knew that i wasnt born to like that quisine. after da tgk bnde tu jd benyek lg la xmao mkn...

ok. enuf of food. one of the things i bought yesterday was a pair of contact lens. the ones i'm having rite now are already more than 2 months' old and they need to be disposed. i'm supposed to use it for 30 days only.

can u guess its colour??

now is a story about my sister-eQa pendex...she registered a driving class lesson and passed her theory exam last week. she was on top of the world and very anxious to go on the road! she even asked a new pair of shoes from my mom! she said this-"ma,eqa ne de kasut..kasut puteh tu x seswai..nk bli kasut celup je.." nk blaja drive pon nk kasut baru! ngade2 dye tuh...hehe my mom gave her 50 bucks and she bought an evelast kinda sport shoes..80 bucks! dye tmbh duet s'dri..huhu da la susah cri saiz! kt silver planet mse tuh xde saiz dye..then dye nmpk de mamat cute kt kedai sebelah..sanggup g sne pastu tnye2 mamat tuh..hikhik sengal! mmg cute dak tuh tp he's not tall..i'm taller than him..huuu but still xde gak saiz dye..finally,dye bli kasut tuh kt cs..the green ones.

these are questions which she keeps on asking me since she knows how to handle a stereng. eh! actually since nk amek theory exam..

1) puwaaa..kaw pasti ke soklan tu sme kuar dr buku 500 soklan nih??
2) puwaaa..mse kaw dlu, kete dye burok ea?? xde air-cond? abes tuh klau ujan cmne??
3) puwaaa..klau kt simpang kn, kte kne tekan brek,pastuh benti, free gear..kan kan??
4) puwaaa..gear ade bape? cmne kte nk tawu kte tgh gear bp??
5) puwaaa..ble mse nk tukar gear??
6) puwaaa..parking pusing stereng 4 kali kn?pastu reverse smpai nmpk tiang no
7) puwaaa..mse kaw dlu org tukang ajar tu pegangkn stereng ea?aku pegang sket2 je..

everytime she asked, i'd sigh and she said this-" yg last!"...hahahhaa sengal dye! not enuf of asking me, she even serves question marks to my father! since my mom doesnt know how to drive..klau x mama pon jd mgse...wuuuhuuu

hmmm..u guys wonder what's the relation btwn the header and the content of this post? and what differs this post from others? it's bilingual.

lol,shafura onn


  1. hey!
    u r goin back this weekend? i tot on Monday.
    eqa has just started her driving class eh?from what u wrote up there, im pretty sure she felt so anxious with her driving test.haha

    neway, happy new year!!


  2. yep..
    she's just started her driving cls..
    she was very nervous that day!
    i guess the feeling remains the same until she passes the test..