Sunday, December 14, 2008

first penning out!

this is my first entry in my fster blog:-

finally…i have a blog! it’s already 11 mins past 12 and i was trying to get a lil sleep juz now but my eyes are certainly stubborn to be opened wide…it has been almost 2 months since i last marked my footsteps at jmc or KOLEJ MATRIKULASI JOHOR..yup2..i really miss all that i had there…especially my roomates and the adopted ones-aimie,yani,pan,irena,datin…also my clsm8s-hayat 22…my clicks-salma,feefe,atim,b,azah…not to be left out,all my crushes…hik7 =p
i learned numerous things there…if only i can turn back time,,i would avoid doing stuff that i’m not supposed to do…but one thing that i’m very sure of-i learned my mistakes and consequences of them…although it’s so damn hard to accept reality and truths as well,,i have to be determined.

i’ve gone through lots of obtacles that have made me realize who are my truly friends and their true colours…problem enables you to open your heart to discover things that can’t seem to be seen by is when you need someone,the person is standing right beside you to lend you his/her hand,,helping you as much as he/she could..i’m not that good,as a friend,but one thing i’m sure of-i will never betraye or lie for my own goods…INSYAALLAH,i’ll always bear it in my mind…

another thing that i’ve learned is that it’s not that easy to forget someone you like,,and it’s not tough to like someone…you don’t need them to be superheroes,or to have blue eyes/sharp nose,or six-pack body,,etc…i guess all we need is compability to that person..of course the looks do give some credits…sometimes we like people for no reasons!that’ll be pretty sceptical,but some people have gone through that.undeniable.
although u may like "A" and think that "A" is the only human that can make you turn on,,it’s quite hard not to bother "B" that is characterising like a rebound guy/girl…you’ll never know what’s going to happen next!
to be continued…

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